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Swimming Pool Tile Grout: Available Colors and Design Ideas

When building a pool for your backyard oasis, you think about every little detail to pull off the vision you have in your head. From the tile and finish to the coping and decking, you’ve put a lot of effort into your design! But what about pool tile grout? Here’s the deal: The pool grout color you choose will add (or take away) from your desired design aesthetic.

Don’t be discouraged because the process of selecting the perfect swimming pool grout for your pool isn’t difficult: it just takes a little knowledge to help you make the best decision. Here are some ideas that will help you select the right swimming pool grout for you.

What color Swimming Pool Tile Grout Should I Buy?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of look you want to achieve. Do you want the pool tile grout colors to stand out, or would you prefer that they fade away so the focus stays on the tile?

Imagine that you want to use blue tile to fit with your Deep Blue Sea style swimming pool. In that case, you should select a matching blue or gray pool tile grout that won’t make the tiles appear “separate” to the eye. On the other hand, if you’re looking for grout for pool waterline tile and you want your mosaic tiles to pop, select a contrast color to make it happen.

"Many pool designs use basic white or light gray grouts, but if you want to create more of an impact, if you want your tile to stand out or you want to emphasize specific colors within the tile, you definitely want to consider different grout colors. When you visit an NPT Design Center Showroom, we have grout color kits with swatches you can match to your tile selections."

NPT Tile Product Manager, Sommer Nguyen

npt opal bronze alloy pool tile on rolled coping

NPT Opal Bronze Alloy paired with light gray grout looks incredible on this pool.

You have three basic choices when it comes to how you design your pool tile grout. And because you’re covering such a large area, it’s important to think carefully about the look you want to achieve. Let’s take a look at the basic choices, then we’ll talk about some great color combinations.

  • Match the pool tile color. If you want your swimming pool tile grout to completely fade into the background, use the same grout color as your pool tile, giving it a seamless look. This works with any color, but many pool owners use this method with blue tile and grout to make the tile in their pool look like water.
  • Let those patterns shine! If you’re creating a design with your pool tile, or are using tiles with a unique design that you want to stand out, a neutral color is best. For instance, if you’re creating a design with green tiles that you want people to notice, use light gray or white grout to create the illusion.
  • Use contrast for impact. Even if you’re not using a patterned tile, you can choose a contrasting mortar for pool tile that will make a huge impact. Think black pool tiles with white grout. Yes, it’s bold, but if you’re looking for drama, why not?

Once you’ve decided what role you want your pool grout to play in your design aesthetic, it’s time to talk colors. We’ve created a handy pool tile grout color chart to help. (To help you visualize the results, we’ve used tile colors from the NPT catalog and grout colors from this page.)

Swimming Pool Tile and Grout Pairings

Pool Tile + Color Tile Type Grout Color Design Considerations
South Seas Blue Mosaic
Dark Blue
Glass Mosaic Dark Gray The deep rich tile and dark pool grout combine to make a solid wall of deep blue.
Opal Bronze Alloy
Glass Light Gray Light gray grout blends with this tile’s colors, allowing metallic tones to become the focal point.
OceanScapes Blackies
Glass Copper, Dark Gray or Black Depending on the look you want, any of these grout colors would pair great with this tile!
Fiji Bay Blue
Glossy Light Gray or Dark Gray Gray grout colors allow the texture and beauty of this glossy pool tile to shine.
Seven Seas Mediterranean Blue
Basic Medium Gray Medium gray grout allows the blue tones in this tile to stand out.
Geostone Sand
Glossy Antique White or Beige Blend the tile and grout colors for a seamless, sophisticated look.
Slate White
Stone-Look White For a contemporary look, pair bright white pool tiles with the whitest pool tile grout.
Tulipwood Gray
Large Format Light Gray Most select a large format tile when they want fewer grout lines; therefore, enhance the seamless look with a complementary light gray pool tile grout.
cosmopolitan latte silver gold and silver glass mosaic pool tile with beige grout

Cosmopolitan Latte Silver pool tile looks amazing with beige grout.

Do I Need to Seal My Swimming Pool Grout?

Your builder will most likely use a pool grout sealer after grouting your pool tile. A sealer will help keep the porous material protected from the environment. But depending on which type of pool tile you use, the swimming pool tile grout sealer will be different.

For instance, if you installed porcelain or glass tile, use a low-residue sealer. This type of sealer is perfect for impervious tiles because it will make the application easier and won't leave a sealer haze on the tiles.

You have two types of pool grout sealers to choose from:

  • Penetrating sealer. This sealer will penetrate and protect the porous material without changing its look.
  • Enhancing sealer. This sealer will not only protect the material but will also enrich and darken the color.
blue sparkle glass 1x2 pool tile npt orion ocean with dark gray grout

NPT Orion Ocean pool tile is paired here with dark gray grout.

How Do I Clean My Swimming Pool Grout?

Keeping your grout clean and free of algae and mold is important to maintaining the beautiful look of your pool. After all, you spent a lot of time choosing just the right pool tile grout color and you want to keep it looking fresh.

When you do regular maintenance on your pool, you will remove much of the dirt and grime that can collect on the grout. For instance, once a week, you should brush and scrub the pool tile with a nylon bristle brush or an SM white or blue nylon scrub pad and a pool-safe degreaser.

If you have a mineral scale on the area, use a non-acidic calcium cleaner to rid the grout — and tile — of the problem.

If you develop algae or mold on your pool tile grout, break a chlorine tablet into two, or if you’re using a powder, pour some into a cloth. Now, scrub the grout, getting in all the corners. Next, using a pool-safe brush, scrub the area until you can’t see any algae or mold.

large format white stone pool tile bond beam wall with cascades and white grout

NPT Slate White pairs perfectly with white grout for an opulent contemporary look.

Look Great with Grout

It’s true! Pool tile grout is an extremely important part of your backyard design? If you’re still unsure which grout color is right for you, it’s easy to pop into an NPT showroom where you can look at samples of tiles and grout to ensure you make the right decision! Ready to go? Make an appointment at your local NPT showroom now!