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The Grass Isn't Always Greener

Grass is in the past! A beautiful, well-kept yard doesn’t need to have grass as a foundation. Whether it’s due to its inability to grow, maintenance, or for design purposes, the absence of a lawn doesn’t mean your yard needs to suffer. Elegance, beauty, and serenity can be achieved with or without grass. Dig in and learn how to turn your bare backyard into something amazing!

Greenery, Not Grass

Greenery and plants can still give you the feeling of being one with nature. To create interest in your yard, use various sized plants to create lines and curves to help your eye move around the area. Add a splash of color and soften the look by adding colorful plants and flowers. For flowers around your swimming pool, Landscaping Network lists some of the best plants for this area, including Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus which also add to your color palette. Wanting a little more greenery? Create a faux grass look with the use of moss and herb wreaths filling space throughout a stone walkway. Check out HGTV's images for the perfect execution of this method!

Stone & Concrete

The absence of grass gives you the perfect canvas to add various materials and textures to your backyard. Consider using pavers and concrete to create custom walkways or adding a stone wall for a more unique look. Slabs and stones are also great for creating walking paths. For a contemporary feel, mix custom granite pieces into your design. To bring the indoors out, form a cohesive look by laying stone from the edge of your home to your backyard swimming pool or water feature.

Concrete Custom Walkways | Backyard Swimming Pool

Water Features

If the backyard is your escape after a long day, add a water feature for a soothing effect. Not only is the sound of the water the perfect way to unwind after a hard day, but it creates interest and a beautiful statement piece for your yard. If you already have a swimming pool, consider adding a waterfall or contrast with a fire feature such as a fire pit or water/fire pot.

Grass-Alternative Fillers

Sometimes dirt can be a not so appealing sight. Rid any eye sores with grass-alternative fillers. Mulch and pine straw are perfect for flower beds, whereas pebbles and rocks can be used in walkways or to create borders around ideal areas. These materials will allow you to fill empty space without the constant maintenance of grass.

For more information and images, HGTV compiled 13 ideas for landscaping alternatives that are still pleasing to the eye. Comment below with your tips and tricks to a better backyard. Don't forget to use the hashtag #foreverpooltime to share your backyard pictures with us.