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Which Pool Shape Is Right for You?

Which Pool Shape Is Right for You?

If you’re planning on installing inground pool, you may be wondering, “Which pool shape should I get?” You’re probably familiar with rectangle or kidney shaped swimming pools, but did you know there are many other shapes to choose from? This guide explores all the different swimming pool shapes available.

Before we get into different kinds of pool shapes, here are some considerations to think about during the planning phase.

  • Backyard Size. Some outdoor spaces are conducive to huge free form pools while others are more suited for an angular spool. Work with your pool builder to decide what shape would look best in your backyard.
  • Backyard Style. The swimming pool shape you choose will enhance your backyard style. For example, freeform pools with flowing, fluid shapes give an organic feel to the backyard.
  • Activities and Features. Do you want to swim laps? What about a tanning ledge? Consider the activities and features you’ll use the pool for.

Now that you’ve narrowed down the design a bit, let’s take a look at the most popular pool shapes you can choose from.

Common Swimming Pool Shapes

Kidney-Shaped Pool

Kidney Shaped Inground Pool
Outdoor Kidney Shaped Inground Pool

Kidney-shaped pools are a classic for a reason: fluid style, attractive looks and versatility are just a few ways that kidney shaped pools enhance the backyard. This pool shape is built in a curved configuration with a slight indent on one side. Check out these beautiful samples of kidney pools:

Rectangular Pool

Rectangular Inground Pool
Rectangular Inground Pool with HotTub

Rectangle pools are another popular swimming pool shape because of their versatility. From long narrow lap lanes to modern small pools, rectangle pools exude strength and balance. This pool design style can easily accommodate almost any feature you want, from tanning ledges and water falls to volleyball nets and slides. Here are some amazing rectangle pools to get inspired:

L-Shaped Pool

L-Shaped Inground Pool
L-Shaped inground Pool with spa

L-shaped pools are amazing and unique pool shapes. Shaped like an L, these pools can wrap around patios or other backyard features in a stylish way. There are two variations of the L-shaped pool: “Lazy L” and “T.” Lazy L pools are L-shaped but curve in a less angular way than the true “L.” As the name suggests, T-shaped pools are formed like the letter T.

Geometric Pool Shapes

Geometric Pool Shapes
Geometric Pool Shape Designs

A geometric pool is similar to a free form pool in that it does not follow a set shape, but unlike the free form, geometric pools feature sharp angles also known as straight edges. This type of pool shape encompasses many different designs.

Roman or Grecian Pool Shape

Grecian Classic Pool Shape | Backyard Grecian Classic Pool
Roman Classic Pool Shape

Roman or Grecian pool shapes harken back to the days of grand expanses and architecture. Simplicity combined with elegance is the hallmark of these pool designs.

The Roman pool shape is a rectangular pool with rounded ends. The Grecian classic shape is also a rectangle pool, but its ends are cut off at 90-degree angles.

Free-Form Pool Shape

Backyard Free-Form Pool Shape
Backyard Free-Form Pool | QuartzScapes Tahoe Blue pool finish

For people who don’t have a specific shape in mind and would prefer a customized, free-flowing design, a free-form pool may be the perfect solution. Free-form design makes it easy to emulate a natural setting and meander around existing landscaping and even trees, making it perfect for beach-entry, natural or lagoon-style pools.

Figure-8 Pool

figure 8 pool shape
figure 8 snowman pool shape

Figure-8 pools feature two rounded ends connected in the middle, creating a figure 8. Many vinyl pools are figure 8-shaped but you can also build a Gunite pool in this beautiful shape.

Which Design Will You Choose?

As you can see, pools come in all shapes and sizes. When designing yours, think about the mood you want to create in your backyard and then pick the pool shape that will best tell your design story. If you’re not sure where to start, take our backyard style quiz for ideas!