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Water Color Moods

Pool Water Colors, NPTpool

What does your favorite water color say about you?

You know that your choice of pool finish impacts your water color and overall appearance of your backyard. Furthermore, the color you choose conveys a specific message, often revealing traits of your own personality! Let’s explore six of the most popular water color choices then discover what these selections say about you. Does your favorite water color choice match up to your inner qualities? Read on to find out.

Infinity Rectangular Pool, Outdoor Living


Black water color begins with a black pool finish. A bold and beautifli choice, black interior surfaces enhance modern designs, like the mirror-like rectangle infinity pool seen here. Black pool finishes reflect mystery, elegance and power. Select a black pool interior surface to create a profound and intriguing focal point in your backyard.

NPT PolishedScapes Skipping Rock, NPT Pool Finishes NPT Magnetite Black Semi-Polished, NPT Pool Tiles NPT Quartzite Gray Morning Star, NPT Pool Tiles NPT Oceanscapes Mavericks, NPT Pool Tiles

Finish Suggestions

  • NPT QuartzScapes Caribbean Curacao Night
  • NPT QuartzScapes Reflections Anvil
  • NPT PolishedScapes Skipping Rock

Tile Suggestions

  • NPT Magnetite Black Semi-Polished
  • NPT Quartzite Gray Morning Star
  • NPT Oceanscapes Mavericks

Dark Blue In Ground Pool, Backyard Pools


Looking at blue pool finishes for your backyard? There are so many fantastic choices to achieve a “true blue” look. But did you know that this color has special meaning, as well? Blue represents loyalty, confidence and stability. It also symbolizes wisdom and freedom, making it an excellent water color choice for adventurous backyard pools that inspire and ground you.

NPT JewelScapes Interlocking | NPT Pool Finishes NPT QuartzScapes Reflections Aruba Sky | NPT Pool Finishes NPT Casablanca Cobalt Rust Deco | NPT Pool Tiles NPT Aquascapes Sapphire Interlocking | NPT Pool Tiles

Finish Suggestions

  • NPT JewelScapes Reflective Iolite
  • NPT QuartzScapes Reflections Aruba Sky
  • NPT QuartzScapes Caribbean Barbados Blue

Tile Suggestions

  • NPT Aquascapes Sapphire Interlocking
  • NPT Casablanca Cobalt Rust Deco
  • NPT Jlies Rustic Mocha Blend

 Sky Blue In Ground Pools | Backyard Pools


The color gray is conservative yet glamorous, making it a great pool finish selection for calm and sophisticated backyard pools. Gray represents security, practicality and grace, so this is a fantastic water color for promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Increase the spa-like properties of your gray pool finish with water features like cascades or deck jets.

NPT StoneScapes French Gray, NPT Pool Finishes NPT Equinox Black Steel 1x2, NPT Pool Tiles NPT Marblestone Gray Marble, NPT Pool Tiles NPT Cosmopolitan light Blue, NPT Pool Tiles

Finish Suggestions

  • NPT StoneScapes French Gray
  • NPT QuartzScapes Caribbean Grenadine Gray
  • NPT PolishedScapes Summer Breeze

Tile Suggestions

  • NPT Equinox Black Steel 1x2
  • NPT Marblestone Gray Marble
  • NPT Cosmopolitan light Blue

Backyard Dark Green In Ground Pool, Pool Environment


If you gravitate towards green finishes, you may be looking to create a nurturing, healing space in your backyard. Because of its organic connotation, green symbolizes growth, freshness and prosperity. Select a green interior surface to create a natural-looking poolscape that enhances lush environments.

NPT StoneScapes Black | NPT Pool Finishes NPT StoneScapes San | NPT Pool Finishes NPT Gemstone Emerald | NPT Pool Tiles NPT Soleil Silver 1x1 | NPT Pool Tiles

Finish Suggestions

  • NPT StoneScapes Black
  • NPT QuartzScapes Cappuccino
  • NPT StoneScapes San

Tile Suggestions

  • NPT Raku Cobalt
  • NPT Gemstone Emerald
  • NPT Soleil Silver 1x1

Light Blue Water Inground Pool with Spa, Outdoor Pools

Light Blue

To achieve a light blue water color, most homeowners select a white finish for their pools. White surfaces appeal to those looking for a crisp, cooling look in their backyard. In addition to sparkling beauty, light blue water color produces feelings of stillness, hopefulness and softness. Therefore, white finishes are great choices for meditative and reflective outdoor spaces.

NPT ColorScapes Blue, NPT Pool Finishes NPT Starburst Silver, NPT Pool Tiles NPT Fusion Pinwheel Gray, NPT Pool Tiles NPT Boutique Santorini Argent Blue 1x4, NPT Pool Tiles

Finish Suggestions

  • NPT StoneScapes Zanzibar
  • NPT QuartzScapes Ivory
  • NPT ColorScapes Blue

Tile Suggestions

  • NPT Starburst Silver
  • NPT Fusion Pinwheel Gray
  • NPT Boutique Santorini Argent Blue 1x4

Turquoise Finish Backyard Pool with Spa, Outdoor Living


Are you loving turquoise finishes? You may be drawn to this special jewel tone shade because of its joyfli, energetic properties. Turquoise is also known to enhance clarity, purification and emotional balance. If you are attracted to turquoise interior surfaces, embrace the good luck and friendship that this color promotes.

NPT ColorScapes Caribbean Blue, NPT Pool Finishes NPT Trident Turquoise, NPT Tiles NPT JewelScapes Windsurfer, NPT Pool Finishes NPT Verona Borba Turquoise, NPT Tiles

Finish Suggestions

  • NPT JewelScapes Windsurfer
  • NPT QuartzScapes Tahoe Blue
  • NPT ColorScapes Caribbean Blue

Tile Suggestions

  • NPT Trident Turquoise
  • NPT Martinique Ocean Blue
  • NPT Verona Borba Turquoise

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