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What Pool-Related Searches Were Most Popular in Your State?

2021 was a buzzworthy year for pools. From watching swim races at the Tokyo Olympics and learning more about Deep Dive Dubai to finding the best pool contractors and service, folks across the country Googled an astonishing variety of pool-related topics.

To find out exactly which pool terms were popular in each state, we used Google Trends’ “top” and “breakthrough” terms. “Top” terms were the most popular searches by volume while “breakthrough” terms were queries that saw a significant increase in search volume, signaling a trend.

Ready to find out which pool-related search reigned supreme in your home state? Check out this map below (click to expand)! Unfamiliar with a term? Keep reading for an explanation of uncommon or industry-specific searches

Top Pool Related Searches by State, Google Trends

Key Findings

The most popular pool-related search terms by state revealed amazing insights about all 50 states. These were some of our key findings:

Most Surprising

The two most surprising terms on this map were California and Utah! California’s most-Googled pool search was “Vegas Pool Parties!” Californias were looking to have fun in the sun and socialize. “Wave Pool” was a surprising search result to come out of Utah, a state known for its stunning desert landscapes and hiking. Perhaps the hot and dry climate drove Utahans to seek out wave pools as a way to cool and refresh.

Least Surprising

Unsurprisingly, terms like “hot tubs,” “pool heaters,” and “indoor pools” appeared in northern states like North Dakota, New Jersey and Michigan due to cold climates and harsh winters. However, in a balmy state like Florida, “swimming pool installers” were always in high demand!

Honorable Mentions

Two more awesome state searches that caught our eyes were “Water Polo” (Minnesota) and “Shipping Container Pool” (Missouri). We didn’t know just how popular water polo was in Minnesota. However, water polo is social and a fantastic form of exercise so we wholeheartedly support this trend. In 2021 Missouri got creative and discovered new ways to build pools out of unexpected materials – shipping containers!

Top Pool-Related Searches by State

Here is a list of the most popular pool-related search terms by state. We also provided an explanation of any unfamiliar/industry-specific terms in parentheses.

  • Alabama - Pool Coping (top lip on the pool or hot tub that provides a finished surrounding edge)
  • Alaska - Hot Tub
  • Arizona - Pool Loans (home improvement loan for pools)
  • Arkansas - Above Ground Pool
  • California - Vegas Pool Parties
  • Colorado - Salt Water Chlorination (pool type that converts salt to chlorine)
  • Connecticut - Pool Robot (type of automated pool cleaner)
  • Delaware - Swimming Pool Sanitation (keeping safe and healthy swimming conditions)
  • Florida - Swimming Pool Installer
  • Georgia - Pool Noodles
  • Hawaii - Pool Vacuum Cleaner
  • Idaho - Pool Deck
  • Illinois - Infinity Pool (creates the illusion of endlessness with a negative edge that spills over)
  • Indiana - Pool Toy
  • Iowa - Water Polo
  • Kansas - Pool Enclosure (structure that covers and protects pools from weather, wildlife, etc.)
  • Kentucky - Pool Lifts
  • Louisiana - Pool Cleaning Services Near Me
  • Maine - Pool Shock (ultra-strength oxidizing chemical treatment that cleans water)
  • Maryland - Water Park
  • Massachusetts - Pool Paver (small paving stones made of clay, brick, stone or concrete)
  • Michigan - Cabins in Tennessee with Indoor Pools
  • Minnesota - Water Polo
  • Mississippi - Pool Landscaping
  • Missouri - Shipping Container Pool
  • Montana - Swimming Lessons
  • Nebraska - Pool Liner (thick sheet that acts as the container to hold pool water in vinyl pool)
  • Nevada - Pool Party
  • New Hampshire - Pool Water Delivery
  • New Jersey - Pool Heater
  • New Mexico - Kiddie Pool
  • New York - How Deep is Water Polo Pool?
  • North Carolina - Indoor Swimming Pool Near Me
  • North Dakota - Hot Tub
  • Ohio – Deepest Pool in the World
  • Oklahoma - Pool and Hot Tub Pumps (equipment that powers the pool; typically centrifugal)
  • Oregon - Kids Swimming Pool
  • Pennsylvania - Chlorine Tablets for Pool
  • Rhode Island – Shotcrete (method of applying concrete to Gunite pools)
  • South Carolina - Pool Floats for Adults
  • South Dakota - Spa
  • Tennessee - Pool Fountain
  • Texas - Pool Freezing
  • Utah - Wave Pool
  • Vermont - Pool Cover
  • Virginia - How Deep is Water Polo Pool
  • Washington – Mandalay Bay Pool
  • West Virginia - Pool Algae
  • Wisconsin - YMCA
  • Wyoming - Little America Hotel Pool (regional hotel chain based in Western United States)

What Do You Think of Your State’s Term?

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