Black Algae Friday

When you hear the word “bloom”, do you automatically think of the smell of fresh flowers? That’s a great form of blooming. But imagine a bloom that can penetrate and attack your swimming pool! That is what an algae bloom can do over night. There are many types of algae that can live in your pool. Most of the algae types can be easily eliminated with proper swimming pool chemistry. However, black algae is the hardest to get rid of in your pool. We have a few steps to help you fight and eliminate black algae.

What is Black Algae?

The color of algae in swimming pool can say a lot about the strength of the organism. Green algae is one of the most common types and one of the easiest to eliminate. However, Black Algae is the most aggressive form of swimming pool in the world. Black algae appears as small spots and spores on the surfaces of the pool. Simply shocking or adding algaecide to your pool will not kill the black algae bloom. The “roots” of the black algae tend to live and anchor in the cracks of the pool plaster and finish. This is why cleaning and killing the black algae can be so difficult.  

How to Fight Black Algae?

The best way to fight black algae is to attack it head on. You will need:

Wearing the gloves, rub the black algae spot with the chlorine tab to attack it’s head. If the algae is at the bottom of the pool try to use a clip with a chlorine tab attached to a pool pole. After treating all algae spots with the chlorine tab, brush the walls, steps and all other surfaces with the pool brush. You will see a “dirty” looking cloud rise up because of the brushing. Turn off all pool pumps and filter for at least 24 hours. Add the recommended amount of algaecide to the deep end of your swimming pool. The water chemistry of pool will be extremely unbalanced. Bring the pH and pool chemistry back to proper levels. Remember, you cannot swim in the pool for a week while you are treating the black algae.

Black Algae Prevention

There are ways to fight black algae from ever appearing in your pool. The simplest way is to always maintain proper pool chemistry. Maintaining adequate pool filtration and circulation can fight black algae without having to add chemicals to your pool. If you have issues with pool maintenance and black algae, contact a pool professional in your area. Proper pool maintenance is worth the time and energy required to avoid the issues associated with black algae. 

Swimming pool algae is a common chemical problem without proper pool maintenance. The aggressiveness and strength is often determined by its color. Green and light colored algae can easily be eliminated. Black algae is the strongest form known to live a swimming pool. Follow this simple guide and you will hopefully never come to know the trials and pain of black algae.