How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost?

Today we tackle one of THE MOST POPULAR QUESTIONS we get at “How much does a swimming pool cost?” By reading this blog, it might be hard to get an EXACT asnwer – BUT stay tuned, because we are going to attempt to explore many of the options, regional areas, additional costs and other variables associated with the cost of swimming pools in hopes to answer your question as accurately as possible!

Type of Pool

One of the first variables in the cost of a swimming pool is what type of pool you are planning to get. Obviously, a gunite pool with many features will be more expensive than an above ground pool. In general, we’ve ranked pools by their basic construction costs, highest to lowest:

Regional Effects on Price

The cost of your type of pool will also vary based on your region. For instance, In the Southeast part of the United States, the water table might make it easier to dig a pool than in the southwest. This in turn will add more labor cost to a pool built in the Southwest. Also, in regions that experience prolonged freezing temperatures, the time window to dig and build a pool maybe shorter than a pool built in the Sunbelt. This will also add cost to your swimming pool construction.  

Added Features

Obviously, the more that you add to your backyard paradise, the more cost you will incur. There are a number of features that you can add to a swimming pool including, but not limited to hot tubs, waterfalls and fountains, slides, rock wall features, fire features, swim up bars, tanning decks, etc.

Maintenance and Energy Cost

There are also a few other costs not associated with the construction of the pool itself that people tend to think about later. Some of these include maintenance, insurance and utility costs. You may choose to maintain your own swimming pool, which could cost you more, yet save you time. You could also choose to equip your pool with the latest in energy efficient features such as variable speed pumps, timers and solar covers. These might be a bit more costly upfront, but will save you money on energy expenses. You will also want to check with your insurance company regarding your homeowner’s policy with the addition of a swimming pool.

Safety Cost

Some of the most vital expenses involve keeping your pool safe. You will want to be sure to add safety features to your backyard such as fences, covers and alarms to keep it as safe as possible. Some homeowner’s insurance policies will require you to have some safety features if you own a pool. Make sure to check with your insurance provider to fully understand your policy. These are some additional costs but you can’t really put a price on proper pool safety.  

So while this didn’t give you an exact cost of how much that pool will be, it gives you an overview of expenses that come with pool ownership. Don’t forget, has financing options for you to obtain that dream backyard as soon as possible! Explore them today and you can be swimming in just a few weeks!