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What is the Best Type of Above Ground Pool?

Above Ground Pools, Decorated Around with Night Lights

Above ground pools are a great choice for a first pool or young family. They are affordable, easily removed, and quick to install. Check out our above ground pool cost overview for more info. You can also read about how to prepare your yard for an above ground pool.

If you want to browse above ground pools you can visit and use their dealer locator to find a dealer near you.”

Resin Pools

Above ground swimming pools constructed from resin materials have a distinct advantage over steel or aluminum pool parts as they cannot rust or corrode. They also resist denting and warping. High technology and impeccable style combine to bring you innovative and incredible endurance with a resin pool.

Hybrid Pools

Hybrid above ground pools combine the advantages of a steel pool with a resin pool. The materials used, both resin and steel, allow you to benefit from the advantages of both types of pools in one and also provide durability and effectiveness over the years.

Steel Pools

Steel component above ground pools are very strong and are considered some of the best above ground pools on the market. Many of these above ground pools use a combination of different metals for various components. Generally the component substitution is done on a combination of the top and bottom plates along with the bottom and top inner stabilizer rails. The steel used is generally a heavy coated zinc metal, aluminum or galvanized metal material.

Aluminum Pools

aluminum pool

Aluminum pools have become popular over the last 10 to 15 years because of their ability to handle inclement weather. Aluminum is rust-resistant and, like steel, is often coated to prevent corrosion and oxidization. Aluminum is more flexible than steel, good for handling the movement of water, and is much easier to disassemble and move, as it is much lighter than steel. However, because aluminum pool walls are essentially just panels riveted together, they must be sealed properly to maintain a sound structure.

Optimum Pools

The Optimum Pool for Any Backyard!

If you’re looking for an Above Ground Pool that is strong, sturdy, and built to last – look no further than Optimum! With its wide variety of installation options in an array of round and oval sizes, Optimum is so versatile, it can be installed to fit any yard – even if it’s not completely flat!

With its 2 inch thick insulated wall panels, all aluminum and stainless steel construction, the Optimum pool offers the best in strength AND versatility. And with Optimum’s compact shipping and quick, easy assembly – you’ll be swimming in no time!

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