AquaRite® S3 Salt Chlorinator Does a Whole Lot More with a Whole Lot Less

They say less is more—and for the pool industry, nowhere is this universal truth more evident than with the AquaRite S3 salt chlorination system. Designed for efficient performance across a wide array of pool types, AquaRite S3 requires less salt to operate, less cost to own, less hassle to control and less work to maintain. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a salt chlorination system with more lesses than AquaRite S3.

More savings, less salt

As the flagship chlorination system from the #1 brand in salt water pools, AquaRite S3 creates its own long-lasting chlorine supply using dissolved salt. This means that pool owners get to skip the chlorine tablets for a simpler—and more environmentally friendly—alternative.

Like most other salt systems, AquaRite S3 produces softer, silkier water that won’t irritate eyes or fade clothes. Unlike other systems, however, AquaRite S3 has an ultra-wide range of operation for salt concentration—as low as 800 parts per million (ppm) of salt. This offers more flexibility and less maintenance need for both servicers and owners alike.

And just so we’re clear: 800 ppm is a LOW salinity level. For context, that’s roughly 2% the salt concentration of ocean water (~35,000 ppm) and one third of the salt required by competitive systems.* So what changes if the water’s less salty? Well, for one, you won’t have to lug nearly as many giant bags of salt back and forth between the chlorinator and storage, which is great for both pool owners and servicers alike. And when you use less salt to sanitize the pool, you get to spend less too, resulting in significant cost savings, season after season.

More control, less hassle

All AquaRite S3 models offer easy control of salt chlorination, a variable-speed pump and a heater. The AquaRite S3 Omni model unlocks even more control by integrating with Hayward’s top-rated Omni® automation platform. Omni offers pool owners intuitive control of the entire pool pad from anywhere via countless control options, including:

  • the built-in touchscreen control panel
  • the top-rated OmniLogic® mobile app
  • most popular voice-enabled smart devices (Amazon® Alexa®/Google Home®)
  • an Apple Watch® (Series 3/WatchOS® 7 and later)
  • popular home automation systems (Control4®, Crestron®, ELAN®, etc.)

AquaRite S3 Omni also lets you install accessories like smart relays, pH sensing and more for greater control customization. Even better: all AquaRite S3 models can be easily upgraded to Omni functionality at any time, providing an ultra-flexible approach to sanitization that can scale up as backyards grow. Additionally, every AquaRite S3 system is compatible with Hayward TurboCell® technology, which utilizes a clear salt cell to give pool owners the ability to visually inspect for calcium buildup—all without having to shut off the system or disconnect the cell. Combine that hassle-free maintenance and effortless control with the wide operational salt level, and you’ve got a system with unparalleled set-itand-forget-it sanitization convenience.

The clear alternative

In case you haven’t noticed, national supplies of traditional chlorine are a bit more unpredictable than usual. As a result, more pool owners than ever are searching for a reliable alternative method for chlorination. And while many systems offer the same general benefits of salt water, no other chlorinator delivers the same level of less-ismore efficiency in operation and maintenance. When it comes to achieving silky smooth water that won’t break the bank—or your back—nothing does the job better than the Hayward AquaRite S3 salt chlorination system.

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**Claim based on AquaRite S3 salt concentration range of 0–100% (+1%); 800-8000 ppm.

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