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New PRO SERIES water testing app includes powerful customer database in the palm of your hand!

New PRO SERIES water testing app for pool and spa professionals

Natural Chemistry is pleased to offer pool and spa professionals an app that provides complete water analysis and storage of customer information in the palm of your hand! Natural Chemistry’s new app was created to help Pool Pros determine a customized water treatment plan for specific problems including algae, cloudy water, staining, phosphate issues, scum and foaming. In addition to water analysis and treatment recommendations, the app allows professionals to create customer accounts to add photos, notes and store historical water testing information.

Water Testing & Analysis

The new PRO SERIES app analyzes water parameters with professional recommendations for treatment. Created with pool pros in mind, this new app provides a water volume calculator to determine the exact number of gallons of water in a pool in order to create a customized water treatment. Additionally, the app prompts pool pros to help solve specific problem including algae, cloudy water, staining, phosphate, scum, and foaming for both pools and spas. This is done by inputting data and answering questions built directly into the app. Once the information has been entered into the tech’s mobile device, the app provides specific solutions to solve the issue at hand. The app even gives techs the ability to determine the LSI calculation.

Water Testing App

Storage of Customer Information

The PRO SERIES app provides pool and spa professionals with the ability to store customer information directly in the app—giving techs a powerful, handheld database of information for each of their customers. Once the dealer creates a customer profile in the app, they will then have the ability to add photos of the pool and equipment to a day’s visit, perform water tests and store results/customer notes. Everything will be automatically stored in chronological order so pros can access past water tests at any time for any customer. Additionally, pros can also do ‘anonymous water testing’ without having to be saved to a database that can also come in handy. Forget the hassle of going back to the office to look up important customer information such as past chemical treatment or water test results. Your in-field staff can instantly access all customer information you’ve stored directly from the PRO SERIES app. This allows techs to always have access to customer information even while out of the office!

Attach photos in App

Improved Customer Service

Pool professionals are always looking for ways to improve customer service to their clients. The PRO Series app will improve your company’s customer service by giving techs the ability to share information from their mobile device with your clients. Techs can send electronic post-visit “Digital Door Hangers” that include the pool or spa water test results, custom notes as well as photos taken in the customer’s account profile that day. This app allows techs to test the water and have the results automatically saved for record keeping. Additionally, techs can write custom notes they want the customer to read with the report. This feature saves manual office work as it allows you to notify pool or spa owners that their backyard was visited that day.

The Pro Series app is available for immediate download at the app store! Search “Pro Series Pool & Spa” to find it today!

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