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What Customers Are Searching for In Remodeling

Features & Enhancements

When additional features are added to a swimming pool area, you are enhancing and customizing your customers backyard environment. Remember – even the smallest changes can make a difference with a pool remodel. Not only will these features add enjoyment to a swimming pool experience but can also possibly add value to a home.

Water Features

Waterfalls, fountain bubblers, deck jets, water slides, spas/hot tubs, and resistance jets.

Lighting Extras

Fiber – Optic & LED, moon lighting, and uplighting.

Remodeling Pool Decking & Coping

A pool deck and coping design can be the backdrop for the entire poolscape. Whether a customer wants a clean and modern look, an intimate courtyard feel, or a beautiful natural environment, a deck can showcase a backyard oasis. There are many beautiful deck finishes and textures well-suited to any particular surroundings. The deck, coping and tile around the pool or spa/hot tub helps to create the setting a customer is looking for, so it's an important choice for the overall look and feel they are trying to achieve.

Decking & Coping

Travertine pavers, marble pavers, porcelain pavers, handcrafted concrete pavers, bricks, poured/stamped concrete, composite wood and/or wood decks.

Remodeling Pool Finishes

Today’s pool and spa owners have a wide choice of interior finishes when remodeling a pool. The right swimming pool finish will make all the difference in the aesthetic quality of a pool. A high-quality finish will also affect the durability of a pool investment. There are many choices in pool finishes today, and they vary in appearance, durability and budget. With just the right finish, it’s possible to turn an ordinary pool or spa into a virtual work of art.

Concrete /Gunite Inground

Pool Finishes: Glass bead, polished aggregate, pebble, natural quartz, colored quartz, and colored plaster

Vinyl Inground

Pool Liner Replacement

Upgrade Technology & Safety

A great reason for a pool remodel is to make it more energy efficient. With a combination of innovative pool equipment and practicing preventative maintenance habits, one can remodel any backyard to improve the heating and energy efficiency of a swimming pool.

Suggested Features

Pump efficiency, pool covers, water temperature efficiency, preventative maintenance, saltwater conversion, safety, pool fences, safety net, safety covers, anti-entrapment equipment, and pool lifts and ladders.

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