NPT Backyard App | Pool Remodelling & Backayrd Pool Design

NPT Backyard App

Create a dream pool for your customer and see it in seconds with an exciting new app for new pools or remodels from your phone or tablet.

Builders, remodelers, and homeowners can now design the pool of their dream pool and select their favorite NPT pool tile, NPT pool finish, coping, and hardscapes – then see it all in seconds, right in their own backyard through the “magic” of Augmented Reality with the NPT Backyard App. If an existing pool is ready for a remodel, envision an updated poolscape with NPT Backyard and select specific NPT tile, NPT pool finish, and hardscapes products.

Key Features

  • Select from an array of pool shapes
  • Select NPT tile, NPT pool finish, decking, and coping
  • Move, rotate, or resize the pool.
  • Adjust the lighting to see how the pool may look at various times of day.
  • Use Augmented Reality (AR) to place the pool design in the yard.
  • Save, video record, or share the design.

The app is available for download on the App Store and the Google Store for Android users. To see a video of the app, please visit