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Retail Tips is dedicated to helping you grow your business. Below you will find tips resources to stay informed, marketing to a new age, and features to help your retail business support your customers.

Covid-19: 7 Things “Essential” Businesses NEED to Do
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Designing Your Retail Interior

The key to a store’s success starts with having a proper layout to create a “style and flow”. A store layout with proper flow can help determine how customers show and the experience they will have. Let us show you how to design your retail interior with professional tips from SCP Distributors and Superior Pool Products LLC.

B2B Tips with

Are you looking for tips on how to grow your business? With podcasts from Grandy and Associates, you can learn how to use online reviews to benefit your company, hiring the right team members, effective collection techniques and more!

Here are our top suggestions:

  1. Finding and Fixing the Profit Killing Hidden Costs in Your Business
  2. Double Sales By cutting Your Market in Half
  3. Employees Want to Work for A Company – Not A Person
  4. Generational Selling
  5. Good Ads – Bad Ads

Social Media Tips

Social media is a channel of customer service that can connect you to new and old customers alike. Using social media helps send messages to customers at the click of a button while allowing your business to work in a virtual world. As a retailer, we believe these platforms could help your business:


Facebook is a social platform that connects as a direct interaction with your customers. The platform also allows customers to ask you questions, find your location and hours, and to discover weekly deals that you promote. The more active you are with posting, the more likely you are to be found in their search.

Paid Advertising through Facebook can help you reach new customers in your surrounding area. This allows you to boost sales, general contact information, services and events.

As a business page, you have the ability to sell products through Facebook Marketplace. When a user uses the search for pool items, your store’s information can appear and set up an order online immediately. This creates double the flow of purchase opportunities for your customers.


As mentioned earlier, it is important to stay active through your business’s Facebook account. Solutions, like SWIMEET, create an automated social content flow directly to your page on your behalf. You have the ability to control what is posted and to choose the vendors and topics that you promote.

Learn more about SWIMEET here.

Google My Business

When a customer has no idea where to begin, they often turn to Google to fulfil their search. That’s why it is important to maintain your business information through Google My Business. This includes updating hours, addresses, photos and even including holiday closures to give your customers the correct information they need.