Cleaning the Skimmer & Pump Basket Cleaning the Pump Basket Cleaning the Skimmer Basket

Cleaning the Skimmer & Pump Basket

Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets regularly is important to the overall maintenance of your swimming pool. Clogged baskets make your pump have to work harder to try to cycle the water. This can decrease the life and stress the seals in your pump.

With water flow impeded by baskets full of debris, you are not getting the proper turnover rate to properly filter your pool water. For your pool to stay clean and clear the water must be filtered. With your skimmer and pumps baskets full of debris, you are not pulling as much water to the pump, and not filtering as much water as if the baskets were kept clean. This can have a negative effect on your pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket

Clean the skimmer and pump basket at least once a week by following the directions below:

Cleaning the Pump Basket

  1. Turn off pool cleaner pump and pool heater. If the heater was in operation you should wait 5-10 minutes for the heater to cool down before turning off the pool pump.
  2. Close skimmer and main drain valves.
  3. If the pool pump is located below the water level in the pool, then turn the filter valve to "closed".
  4. Remove pump lid.
  5. Use a garden hose to wash the basket. Baskets become brittle over time and can break easily. It is easiest to clean a basket if the contents are allowed to completely dry. Having a spare pump basket to rotate with the dirty basket is the easiest way to perform this task.
  6. Inspect the pump basket for signs of damage and replace basket if needed.
  7. Re-install pump basket. Some baskets will twist-lock in place. Do not over-tighten the basket.
  8. Inspect pump lid and o-ring for cracks or damage and lubricate pump lid o-ring with petroleum jelly if it appears dry.
  9. Install pump lid and o-ring. Do not over-tighten.
  10. Make sure filter valve is in the "filter" position.
  11. Open the main drain valve all the way.
  12. Open the air relief valve on the pool filter.
  13. Turn pool pump on.
  14. Once the pump has caught a prime, open the remaining skimmer valves one at a time.
  15. When a steady stream of water is visible out of the air relief valve, close the valve.
  16. Turn pool cleaner pump and heater back on if desired.

Cleaning the Skimmer Basket:

  1. Turn the pool pump off.
  2. Remove skimmer lid.
  3. Remove skimmer basket and empty out.
  4. Install the basket back into the skimmer.
  5. Install skimmer lid and turn the system back on.