Dolphin #1 Selling Robotic Cleaner

Exceptional Experience

The latest generation of Dolphin cleaners builds on over two decades of technological leadership and has been recognized internationally as the cutting edge of cleaning performance. Sold in over 40 countries around the world, Dolphin cleaners boast an unrivaled set of features not found in other cleaners. Automatic weekly timer, patented swivel cable, full bag indicator, delayed start feature, rapid-clean cycle options, and gyroscopic navigation are among the many reasons why pool owners continue to look to Dolphin cleaners. 

From a small backyard oasis to an Olympic training facility, there is a Dolphin robot specifically designed to meet the needs of any residential or commercial pool. You simply cannot find a better robotic cleaner at any price!


Dolphin S 300I

Dolphin Exclusive Features:

  • Scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces in just 1, 2, or 2.5 hours.
  • Multiple Cycle options for more cleaning options
  • Bluetooth Enabled for control through any bluetooth enabled device!
  • Plug-n-play! No pre-installation needed, no connections to pool system.
  • Self-programing for optimal pool scanning.

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Dolphin M5 Liberty

Dolphin Exclusive Features:

  • Rechargeable battery- Cable float with LED battery power indicator
  • Full bag indicator- Lets you know when its time to clean the filter
  • Easy to clean top access cartridge system
  • Internal gyroscope for precise navigation
  • Incredibly efficient - costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
  • In-store repairable right at your local Dolphin retailer!

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Activate is a glass filter media designed to provide you with clearer, healthier water. Our proven activation process makes this product scientifically better than all other glass filter media and far superior to sand media.

Here are a few reasons why Activate works better:

  1. Ultrafine filtration for CLEARER water 
    Creates 300 times more surface area for superior filtration down to 4-5 microns
  2. Negatively charged filter media for CLEANER water 
    Attracts and captures harmful bacteria like a magnet
  3. Self-sterilizing surface for HEALTHIER water 
    Prevents the growth of bacteria and algae by inhibiting reproduction

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Enhance Summer

Enhance Summer is a non-toxic easy-to-use 3 in 1 solution designed to provide you with clearer, cleaner and healthier water

Here are the benefits of using Enhance Summer

  • Protects chlorine making it last up to 3 times longer
  • Replaces the need for chlorine (stabilizer (cyanuric acid)
  • Replaces the need for water clarifiers and polishers
  • Helps to reduce red eye irritation, itchy skin, and unpleasant odors
  • Compatible with all sanitizers filter systems and pool surfaces

Enhance Summer is ready to use and comes in 2 convenient sizes

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