What is Lounge Chair Pool Care?

As you might envision, Lounge Chair Pool Care is a laid back and efficient approach to maintaining your swimming pool. We at Natural Chemistry offer a variety of products from maintenance to problem solvers that will have you spending more time in the chair than scrubbing the tile line, cleaning your filter, or battling water quality issues.

Check out some of our core technologies below that will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool!

get the PHOS out!

Phosphates are bad for swimming pools as they cause many problems that can cost you time and money.

Whether you are removing high phosphate levels for the first time or want to maintain low levels throughout the season, thePhosfree® family of products has you covered.

A lot of not nice stuff ends up in swimming pools.

There is a wide variety of sources for the contaminants that end up in pool and spa water; people, rain water and environmental pollution to name a few. These contaminants combine and buildup to create water quality issues and work for you...

This is where enzymes come to the rescue!They are amazing little proteins that speed up the break down of stuff like suntan oils & lotions, cosmetics, body oils and much more.Put enzymes to work in your pool today.

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