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Designer Features

The next evolution of outdoor living is here. Whatever inspires you, recreate it with elements of water, light and fire with products from CMP. Designer features from brands including Brilliant Wonders® LED Lighting, Natural Wonders®, and Bobé Water & Fire™ provide unlimited inspiration for all your backyard designs. With a complete suite of designer products from CMP, the backyard is your total creative domain.

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Advanced Sanitizers

The Complete Modern Pool® has a secondary sanitizer system that helps improve water safety and chlorine performance. Features and benefits of using secondary sanitizers include: reduction in chlorine use, destruction of chlorine-resistant contaminants and clearer water. UV-C, Ozone and AOP all provide these benefits to varying degrees. CMP combines the best available technologies to make the most complete offering of Advanced Sanitizers in the industry.

With so many great choices, how do you find the right one? Take the Sanitizer Personality Quiz™ at to find the right system for your next installation.

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Everything Matters®

CMP is committed to creating innovative solutions for all pool professionals–from servicing, to building, to renovation you not only have the freedom to choose from quality products, but also a high level of knowledge and service you won’t find anywhere else. Every product at CMP is designed for exceptional performance. Pool professionals across the globe depend on CMP products, service and support.

At CMP, we truly believe the difference is in the details. Because when the difference is in the details, everything matters.

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