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Maintaining the correct water balance in your pool or hot tub can be challenging, but AquaChek products can make that process easier. As a leader in developing and manufacturing water quality testing equipment, AquaChek has been producing test strips since 1985. Our manufacturing facility produces test strips for the medical industry and we use the same exacting quality and product integrity in all of our testing systems, including those for pool and spa owners.

AquaChek test strips and instruments deliver accurate results that are faster and easier than liquid test kits. Whether you are looking for a multi-way test strip to get a comprehensive look at your pool chemistries, or a more specialized test strip to check specific parameters, AquaChek offers a test that will meet your needs.

AquaChek Select

One of AquaChek’s most popular products, AquaChek Select tests for 7 parameters in one test strip giving you an in-depth look at the chemistries in your pool. AquaChek Select also comes with a helpful guide that outlines the principles of pool care.

AquaChek Pool & Spa Testing

Pool Calculators

Not sure how to balance your pool water? Visit our pool calculators page for help determining the water balance in your pool and calculating the Langelier-Saturation Index.

AquaChek Smart

This free app is available for Apple and Android devices to make it easy to treat your pool. After you have dipped the AquaChek test strip into your pool or spa, simply go through the prompts on the screen and match up the color blocks. AquaChek Smart will take the test results and give you a prescription with step-by-step instructions for treating your pool.

AquaChek Smart App