The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water


PS3000 Surge Protective Device

Invest In Peace of Mind

Power surges are the silent killer for today’s sophisticated pool and spa equipment. Most homeowners do not realize that today’s pool equipment like variable speed pumps, heat pumps and new electronic controls can be easily wiped out with power surges. The easy-to-install Intermatic surge protectors are the perfect add-on for your pool equipment. They feature unmatched surge protection ratings and a 3-year, $7,500 connected equipment warranty.

PE653RC MultiWave Control System

Nine Buttons, Hundreds of Options

The MultiWave Wireless Control System is the best solution for pool or spa automation. It features a wireless remote and receiver for on-demand control from the palm of your hand. It also controls five circuits for single and two-speed pumps, along with the Pentair® variable speed pumps. Choose between the standard MultiWave that controls a single body of water, or the PE34065RC that controls pool and spa combination systems. The MultiWave is easily upgradeable from any Intermatic mechanical timer or energy-efficient pump.

PE103 Seasonality Timer

Cut Your Bills In Half!

The seasonal adjust feature automatically operates the filter pump longer during peak summer swimming months and then shortens run times during colder months. This maximizes your pump efficiency and minimizes your utility bills.