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For almost 30 years, NC Brands has worked to provide top of the line specialty products for pool and spa water care. NC Brands is the parent company of trusted names such as Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear, AquaPill & Red Leopard. Our core technologies are designed to simplify pool and spa water care.


Our category-leading enzyme technologies are designed for a wide variety of applications. Naturally based broad spectrum formulas allow for a large range of coverage in recreational water. From problem solvers that break down dead algae, motor oil, pollen and so much more to weekly maintenance products that reduce overall work to maintain crystal clear water, our enzyme products have you covered. Natural Chemistry has offered enzyme solutions to the pool industry since 1989 and leads the way in category innovation. Check out our latest enzyme maintenance product called Pool Perfect MAX-it triple cleans for crystal clear, sparkling pool water!


As the manufacturers of the original naturally based chitosan clarifier, this technology quickly clears cloudy water. SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier also improves filtration and can be used in a weekly maintenance application. Unlike polymer clarifiers, this product cannot be overdosed and can also be used at the same time as shocking your pool or hot tub.

Phosphate Removal

Phosphates cause problems, and can increase the amount of time and effort needed to maintain a swimming pool. Both Natural Chemistry and SeaKlear used innovation to provide solutions to this new industry problem in the early 1990’s. Natural Chemistry’s Phosfree went the path of non-clouding phosphate removal while SeaKlear’s Phosphate Remover tackled very high level reduction rates. Product offerings have evolved over the years to include a phosphate remover with clarifier from SeaKlear called PhosKlear 4000 and a high range remover from Natural Chemistry called Phosfree MAX.

Pill Products

Our line of AquaPill products make pool care easy with no measuring and minimal handling. This patented pre-measured delivery system improves the pool care experience.

Complete Hot Tub Range

Revel in the new Natural Chemistry spa experience. Containing best of the best technologies from SeaKlear and Natural Chemistry, this complete range of hot tub water care includes sanitizers, balancers, maintenance products and problem solvers. Check out Cleanse Weekly, a dual-action maintenance product that improves filter run cycles, reduces scum lines, removes phosphates and polishes hot tub water.


Our Red Leopard line of accessories include a variety of nets and brushes that make pool care easy. We also make a revolutionary Flip Floater for both pools and spas that visually indicates when chlorine or bromine needs to be refilled.

NC Brands is committed to providing quality, reliable products with consistent results to improve the swimming experience. Call our Customer Service with any of your pool or hot tub water care needs at (800) 753-1233, or reach us via chat using the support feature on our websites ( or