Other Features

24 inches or less in ground

With each pool, there will be a skimmer panel. Two types of skimmer can be used:

  • Standard small mouth skimmer (not supplied with the pool)
  • Hayward SP 1084 (or equivalent) skimmer (not supplied with the pool)
24 inches or more in ground
Water Return

Water return hole is part of the skimmer panel.

  • A dedicated return fitting is needed (supplied with the pool)
  • Additional return fittings may be purchased to accommodate more return lines or LED lighting. These additional fittings may be placed to the installers discretion in any panel of the pool with a simple 3" hole saw.
30 inches or more in ground

Lights can be used with the Optimum pool. It is the responsability of the dealer to check if the lights work with the Optimum return fitting.

  • Savi lights have been tested by Wilbar and works with Optimum return fitting.