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Outdoor Kitchens

For the family that loves to entertain, outdoor kitchens by the pool are a great option. An outdoor kitchen makes entertaining for large groups much easier, as all food and food prep items are in one place. An outdoor kitchen usually has a grill, a small refrigerator, a sink, seating and tables.

The outdoor kitchen keeps trips in and out to a minimum, thereby reducing bugs in the house (especially in mosquito season) and reducing the chance of spillage on carpets and other flooring that may be difficult to clean. Outdoor kitchens are usually used during the warm months, but if the outdoor kitchen is in a large sunroom, it can also be used during cold months. Some people enjoy the cooler fall air, and tend to entertain more during the fall. It lends to an enjoyable day outside instead of spending all day cooking inside. The outdoor kitchen also affords the host the opportunity to mingle with her guests as she prepares the meal.

There are many types of outdoor kitchens, from a simple grill and countertop setup to a more elaborate kitchen with a sink, counter, cupboards, grill, stovetop and refrigerator. The type you choose will depend on whether you entertain a lot, how big the groups you entertain are, and of course, how big your pocket is. Cooking implements may include gas grills, charcoal grills, wood smokers, or fire ovens.

Outdoor Grill and Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be found all over the world. The geography of a place does limit use of outdoor kitchens in the winter months, unless you like to sit outside in below freezing temperatures. Some high-end enclosed sunrooms may contain what is considered an outdoor kitchen, and while the sunroom is not usually heated, it does provide some protection from the elements, and, especially with an open grill, can provide enough warmth for you and your guests to be comfortable during the colder months.

Outdoor kitchens can range from a small area of under a couple hundred square feet up to as large as you would like it to be. The larger the area, the more kitchen equipment and seating you can fit into your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Having a quality outdoor grill is great for those summer barbeques or fall family gatherings. However, many times you get stuck running through the house for supplies and refreshments. Complete your outdoor kitchen with NPT’s line of outdoor accessories that allow you to spend more time with your guests and less time in the house.

Accessories include:

Outdoor Kitchen Maintenance

Learn how to properly maintain and care for your grill in this tutorial from Bull BBQ.


You don’t need to have an elaborate outdoor kitchen to enjoy the benefits of eating outdoors! Setting up a small area with a simple grill can extend your indoor living outdoors. You can choose a gas or charcoal grill to grill your favorite meat, vegetables or even dessert!

Grills can come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t integrate them as part of an outdoor kitchen to create a more finished look, the traditional grills are also stand alone.

Another grill that has gained popularity lately is a ceramic “dome” grill. This type of grill is known to heat more efficiently than a metal grill while heightening the taste of the food. A great choice for a ceramic grill is a Primo Grill. There are three models available that allow you to choose which best fits your needs. Two of the three feature a patented oval shape giving you maximum flexibility. It features the ability to grill or smoke while maintaining even heating across the grill. They are also backed by a 20 year warranty!

Outdoor Grill and Kitchen with Swimming Pool

Grill Islands

Not too long ago, if you wanted to entertain outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home, you would break out the charcoal, the lighter fluid, the hibachi or the old three-legged grill.

Today the line between indoor and outdoor entertaining has become increasingly blurred. Outdoor entertaining truly has the potential to be the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Outdoor grill island designs are varied enough to range from meeting the most basic demands to gourmet islands fit for the most talented chefs. These high-end grill islands can house a wide range of appliances like drop-in or slide-in gas grills, refrigerators, ice makers, sinks, wet bars, warmers, and ovens as well as provide ample space for preparing food and storing dinnerware.

Kitchen islands are now designed for outdoor installation so that meals can be prepared, served and cleaned up without ever leaving the comfort of your own "outdoor room". With the latest products on the market for outdoor entertaining, there is no need to take a single step inside your home.

Ready-To-Finish Outdoor Kitchen Systems are the easiest, fastest and most efficient system for building custom outdoor kitchens. The modular system includes individual cabinets ranging in size from 6” wide to 72” wide, in 6” increments, allowing you to select the cabinets that fit your project layout, then connect them together to achieve a custom size and shape. Each appliance cabinet is fully adjustable, allowing you to configure it for any brand and any size appliance and/or storage accessory, and every cabinet is customizable with the veneer and countertop materials of your choice. Additionally, the unique knocked-down engineering of our cabinets allow you to easily get them into any backyard, even hard to reach locations and rooftop outdoor living areas. Assembly and configuration of our cabinets is easy, and there are no masonry skills involved. A basic set of tools (screw gun, grinder with a diamond blade, sawsall, level, and adjustable wrench) is all you need.

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