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Pool Fitness Products

Often, in order for you to partake in these exercises, you need some equipment to provide better resistance in the water. Devices such as barbells and weights aid in strengthening, while noodles and jog belts improve your core. Below is an overview of the different kinds of equipment you can use in your water workout.

Water Buoys or Barbells

Buoys basically look and work like dumbbells. You can hold them and do biceps curls, deltoid raises, lateral raises, triceps kickbacks, and many other exercises you do with free weights. Buoys vary in size and density from light to heavy resistance.

Aqua Jogger Belts

Aqua jogger belts are strapped around the waist and hold you vertical in the water. You use them in the deep end of the pool to do deep water running exercises, which really gets the heart rate up and strengthens the entire body.

Water Shoes

When working out in a pool, you should wear water shoes. Water shoes protect your feet from the pool's hard floor, and are easy to slip on and off. Water shoes are designed for high levels of water fitness activities, and are extremely durable.

Water Shoes

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are also used in strength training. You attach them to the bottom of your leg with a Velcro snap, thus making your legs work extra hard against the resistance of the water. Ankle weights are used in many exercises directed at the lower extremities. Rhythmic movements, such as gentle high stepping, can improve range of motion and flexibility. Walking or slow jogging at various depths with ankle weights can promote normal movement, with the water providing balance and support.

Pool Noodle

Probably one of the least expensive and most used pieces of equipment used in swimming pools is the water noodle. This actually has several names Aqua Noodle, Aqua water noodle and often simply, Noodle, but is used to help achieve the aerobic workout positions in some classes. Ranging from $2 to $5 depending on size and quality, this equipment is easily the least expensive and easiest to add to the pool area. As a separate bonus, when it's not being used for aerobic fitness, the kids will love to play with it in the pool.

Stationary Swimming Pool System

When the workout is too big for the pool it may be time to get this simple device. The stationary swimming pool system, available online from multiple retailers, sits in the water and tethers the user to the side of the pool. The swimmer only needs to wear a lightweight belt and the pole and tether system keep the swimmer in place while swimming. The movement is completely natural because the user is performing all the motions of swimming and simply being held back. This $80 to $100 device is simple to set up and allows full, low impact, aerobic swimming no matter how small the pool might be.


While having a kickboard may make you feel like a little kid again, it is actually a really great piece of equipment for getting in shape. With a kickboard you can focus on lower-body strengthening by propelling yourself through the water without using your arms or upper body. Be sure to find a kickboard that is big enough to support you and your weight during water exercises . You might also want to look for some that are designed for speed by having a more aerodynamic shape with handles.

Boy on a Kick Board

Water Jet-Propulsion Systems

Water jet-propulsion systems allow you to turn any pool into an endurance lap pool for the athletically-active or those that need therapy for joints and muscles. This self-contained unit pumps water into the pool, creating a current from a single recessed jet nozzle mounted in an underwater housing.

Additional Equipment

There is also a variety of exercise equipment that you would find in every fitness center available for the pool. This revolutionary pool exercise equipment is ideal for personal use, therapeutic conditioning or group fitness classes. For example, an aqua bike, aqua treadmill and aqua elliptical are all available for underwater use.