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Swimming While Pregnant

It’s proven that swimming is in fact one of the best forms of exercise and even more so during your pregnancy. The great thing about swimming is that there is no additional stress and strain which is placed on your body and joints while you are exercising.

If you used to swim on a regular basis prior to becoming pregnant, you can continue to swim without having to modify your routine. However, as with most exercise routines if you haven't been swimming on a regular basis, you should not just dive in. Start off slowly, being careful not to overdo it too much. Don't forget that you also need to warm up before you swim, as well as spend a few minutes stretching and cooling down after your session.

Swimming uses large muscle groups in both your arms and legs at the same time. It offers a low-impact cardiovascular workout, and allows you to feel weightless despite the extra pounds of pregnancy. It increases your body's ability to process and use oxygen, improves circulation, increases muscle tone and strength and builds your endurance. 

Below are suggested swimming schedules during the three trimesters of pregnancy:

Swimming While Pregnant

First trimester

Swim for at least 20 minutes and every other day for maximum benefit.

Second trimester

The great thing about swimming during pregnancy is that you will not really have to cut down on your routine as your pregnancy progresses, because it is such a low impact form of exercise. What may require more attention is that as your belly gets bigger you may have to think about purchasing a maternity swimsuit.

Third trimester

When you are swimming, one of the great things is that all your joints are supported by the water. It will also help prevent your body from overheating as you exercise, especially if the last trimester falls in the middle heat of the summer months.

Breast stroke during the last trimester is possibly going to be the most beneficial to you. The reason for this is because it gives a good workout to your chest and back muscles, which are the two areas most out of alignment during your pregnancy.