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Swimming pool lighting is a surefire way to add pizazz to your pool. In addition to making your pool safer, many of today’s pool lights offer fun features like multiple color options and built-in light shows. Many are programmable and compatible with smart home features, too.

But spend a little time browsing the internet and you’ll find out that there are hundreds of different pool lights to choose from. Which is right for you? Our recommendation? LED pool lights. These are our most popular sellers, hands-down – and with good reason: Super-bright and designed to be around 80 percent more efficient than other types of lights, LED lighting gives you the best of both worlds: Amazing lighting without the high energy costs.

When it comes to LED lighting, there are a few key considerations:


Many swimming pool owners prefer basic, bright white LED lights. White light provides superior visibility, so it’s a top choice if safety is your main concern. Of course, white light isn’t just about function: White light is also a beautiful way to showcase your pool’s design elements.

Looking for a splash of color? Swimming pool LED lighting is available in a wide range of colors, from soothing blues and meditative greens to unexpected shades like red and hot pink.


Today’s swimming pool lights are available with a variety of fun and convenient features, from smartphone integration to dimmer switches and more. What’s more, many color LED lights can be programmed to put on entertaining, colorful “light shows” that add an extra element of fun to any backyard gathering.

Energy efficiency

Today’s swimming pool lights are more efficient than ever – and when it comes to energy savings, LED lights lead the pack. LED lights use 80 to 90 percent less energy than other types of pool lights.


Your main pool lights should be powerful enough and bright enough to light up entire section of your pool. These lights tend to be bigger and a little more expensive. These lights usually require professional installation, as well.

You can also find swimming pool lights designed for use as accent lights to highlight shallower areas, such as stairs, ledges, or even landscaping. These lights offer the same variety of colors and even have features like light shows, but they’re smaller and less powerful. Unlike their larger counterparts, these lights are typically easy to install and don’t require a professional.

Product: Details: Key Features:
Pentair IntelliBrite Color-Changing LED Lights

5 color options.

Comes with 7 pre-programmed light shows.

Pentair’s most energy-efficient offering.

Can be controlled remotely; compatible with smart devices.

Pentair GloBrite LED Lights

Designed specifically for shallow pool areas (such as stairs and tanning ledges).

Comes with 7 color options and 5 light shows.

Easy to install; no grounding required.

Energy efficient.

Compatible with smart devices.

Hayward ColorLogic LED Lights Includes 10 color options and 11 pre-programmed light shows.

Very bright.

Wide range of color options for a more custom experience.

Hayward is responsive to warranty issues.

Hayward ColorLogic 320/160 LED Lights.

Designed for shallow water, stairs, ledges, and landscaping.

Includes 10 color options and 11 light shows.

Easy to install.


Jandy WaterColors Includes 9 color options and 5 light shows.

Wide-angle lens for extra color saturation.

Good customer service.

Jandy HydroCool

Designed to run cooler and last longer.

Smaller than other LED lights.

Available with optional accessories, including cosmetic rim covers; quarter- and half-moon lens covers.
Pentair IntelliBrite 5g

1. Pentair IntelliBrite 5g

Looking for swimming pool lights that give you a lot of bang for your buck? Pentair’s popular IntelliBrite color-changing pool lights are hard to beat. They offer superior energy efficiency and light intensity, and they’re engineered to be super-durable.

The IntelliBrite 5g LED pool lights are available in several colors, including blue, magenta, green and red – and they come standard with pre-programmed “light shows” with like “party mode” “Caribbean Mode,” “Romance Mode” and “California Sunset.” But where this light truly shines is in its unique reflective design, which showcases the water’s depth.

Pentair GloBrite

2. Pentair GloBrite

Another favorite from Pentair, GloBrite LED lights offer the same combination of energy efficiency and colorful lightshows in a slightly smaller package. GloBrite lights are designed specifically for your swimming pool’s shallower areas (think stairs, tanning ledges, and benches).

GloBrite lights are a great way to add drama to small areas of your pool that might otherwise be overlooked. They’re also compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other home automation systems, and they pair very well with other Pentair offerings, such as landscape lighting and water features.

Considering going with GloBrite lights? Remember that they’re designed for smaller, shallower areas. While they’re a stunning way to supplement your pool lighting, they’re not really meant to be used on their own. if you’re trying to light up your whole pool, look for a more powerful lighting option.

Hayward ColorLogic 4.0

3. Hayward ColorLogic 4.0

If you want the most color bang for your LED lighting buck, it’s hard to beat Hayward’s ColorLogic LED swimming pool lighting. This lighting boasts an impressive array of 10 colors, ranging from deep blues and greens to dramatic shades of red, pink, and violet. Also included: an equally impressive 11 pre-programmed light shows, with options for just about every mood and occasion.

Hayward claims that their lighting is 100 percent brighter than other, similar types of LED swimming pool lighting. And, good news if you’re trying to keep costs down: Like all LED swimming pool lighting, Hayward ColorLogic lighting is energy-efficient by design.

Hayward ColorLogic lighting receives rave reviews, and on top of that, Hayward is known to send a quick service tech out to fix issues if your lighting is still under warranty.

Hayward ColorLogic 320/160

4. Hayward ColorLogic 320/160

Designed for use on Baja shelves, stairs, and even landscaping and water features, these swimming pool lights help add a finishing touch to your swimming pool’s shallower spots. But don’t let their small stature fool you: ColorLogic 320/160 lights offer the same 10 color options and lightshows as the ColorLogic 4.0.

A few other details of note: The 320 is brighter than the 160, but both options offer the same colors and light show capabilities. Both are available with several cord lengths, ranging from 30 to 150 feet, which means you can put them almost anywhere.

Pool owners give the ColorLogic 320/160 high marks for bright, vibrant color and easy installation.

Jandy WaterColors LED Lights

5. Jandy WaterColors LED Lights

The Jandy WaterColors series features nine vibrant color options -- from shades of blue and green to magenta and violet – and five pre-programmed light shows. But what truly sets these lights apart is their specially designed wide-angle lens that helps distribute light and color evenly throughout the pool, resulting in a more “saturated” appearance.

The lights are energy-efficient and, like most LED lighting, they typically boast a long lifespan. When professionally installed and properly maintained, you can expect your Jandy WaterColors lighting to last for years.

Like the other light manufacturers in our list, Jandy is known for their quick and responsive customer service in case you do happen to have an issue.

Jandy HydroCool

6. Jandy HydroCool

Pool owners love their LED lighting – but they don’t always love the extra heat generated by these super-efficient fixtures. That’s where the Jandy HydroCool series comes in: The HydroCool features a unique aluminum core that provides better heat transfer.

HydroCool lighting is also constructed to be smaller than the typical LED light, allowing it to be used in even the narrowest spaces – without sacrificing brightness. What’s more, pool owners can opt for cosmetic light covers in gray or white to match their pool finish and even add half- or quarter-moon light covers to help cut down on the “halo effect” created by some pool lights.

Like other LED lights, HydroCool lighting can be a significant investment. Jandy offers an impressive three-year warranty, just make sure you have your lights professionally installed so you can qualify.

Final Thoughts: Swimming pool Lights

When it comes to swimming pool lighting, you have lots of options – and LED lighting is a top choice for many pool owners. Whether you want to wow your guests with flashy light shows or simply make your swimming pool safer, LED lights offer a winning combo of brightness and energy efficiency.

Have questions? Looking for additional recommendations? Your local pool professional can help you decide which LED lighting option is best for you, your swimming pool, and your budget.

Safety First!

Swimming pools are a lot of fun, but electrical work is serious business: We recommend always hiring a professional to install and service your swimming pool LED lighting. Not sure who to call? Ask your local pool professional for a few recommendations.

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