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Versatility and performance best describe Century’s V-Green® variable speed pump motor with integrated timer. Capable of delivering superior energy savings of over 80% versus a standard single-speed motor, V-Green motors are well suited for pump applications ranging from 3/4 - 2.7 total horsepower (THP). Spurred by consumer interest in energy-saving products and government-mandated efficiency standards, the innovative V-Green variable speed ECM offers premium efficiency boosted by such features as Power Factor Correction, which raises overall efficiency while reducing input amps! The state-of-art user interface ensures programming ease and flexibility, with on-screen navigation, ergonomic selector switch, and pre-set programs for out-of-the-box operation.

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Century V-Green Speed Pump Motor


The Hayward Super Pump is a large capacity pool pump for inground pools. It has a large leaf basket and clear, easy open lid so you can easily see when it's full. The Super Pump features durable corrosion-proof construction that will make sure this pump delivers superior performance for years. Because the Super Pump is engineered for large capacity, you can count on it to be totally balanced and efficient. This promotes improved flow rates at less horsepower and help save you money on those electric bills!

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Hayward Super Pump


A breakthrough in energy-efficiency and service life, the IntelliFlo® variable speed pump allows programming for 4 different speeds for different pool, spa or water feature applications. By dialing in the minimum speed required for a task, the pump works less and uses less energy. Pump speeds are easily adjusted with the push of an up or down arrow button.

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Pentair IntelliFlo Speed Pump