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  • POOLSTYLE Magazine: focus on swimming pool designs, accessories and lifestyle tips
  • Where Outdoor Living Comes to Life: focus on outdoor living and backyard design
  • Backyard Escape: focus on vinyl liner pool products and designs


POOLSTYLE Magazine is your pool lifestyle resource whether you’re thinking about getting a pool, are in the process of designing one or currently own one. Flip through inspirational photos of pools in every size and budget imaginable. Bookmark helpful maintenance infographics and safety tips. Highlight pool games, exercises and recipes you’d like to try. Create an outdoor living room you’ll look forward to coming home to. POOLSTYLE Magazine gives you the knowledge, inspiration and tools you need to enhance your backyard and embrace the pool lifestyle.

The POOLSTYLE Magazine 4th Edition is not available for order, however, if you would like to request the previous version please complete the form below. To view the latest version, click the following link.

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Where Outdoor Living Comes to Life

“Where Outdoor Living Comes to Life” is devoted to providing homeowners and landscape designers with ideas on how to transform backyards into outdoor living spaces. From swimming pools and fire features to shade structures and outdoor furniture, discover the latest design trends, learn about new products and uncover expert tips for enhancing backyards and integrating the outdoors into daily life.

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Backyard Escape

Imagine all the ways to enhance your vinyl liner pool, like water features, landscaping, hardscaping, patio furniture, fireplaces and more. Turn your vision into reality with Backyard Escape Magazine, your guide to the exciting world and endless possibilities of vinyl liner pools. Backyard Escape provides product photos of NPT Designer Surfaces, patio décor ideas and design inspiration to help you create an exciting, uniquely personal outdoor living area.

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