Keep Your Head Above Water Always Accompany Children! Turn Down the Heat Check with Your Doctor Keep It Clean Watch the Alcohol Bring a Buddy

Hot Tub Safety, Precautions & Installation

A Few Simple Rules To Keep Your Hot Tub Safe and Worry-Free:

Keep Your Head Above Water

Spas are equipped with drains and pumps that can create a powerful suction. And though today’s spas are designed to minimize the risk, it is possible for hair to become tangled in the drain — keeping your head under water. To ensure your safety in the spa, keep you head above water and wear long hair up.

Always Accompany Children!

Children should be watched carefully by an adult in any water situation, but the suction in your hot tub means you need to be even more vigilant. This is especially true when small children are in the spa. For the safest experience for your child, join them in the hot tub — and make sure to keep it securely covered when you’re not around.

Relaxing In Hot Tub

Turn Down the Heat

As tempting as it is to crank up the heat in your spa, soaking in too high a temperature for too long can raise your body heat to dangerous levels. The maximum safe soaking temperature is 100° to 102° — and only for about 15 minutes. If you like to spend more time in your spa, turn the heat down even more.

Check with Your Doctor

Pregnant women, and people with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure and other serious illnesses should check with their physician before entering a spa.

Keep It Clean

Warm water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, so it’s important to keep hot tub water clean, sanitized and chemically balanced to avoid the risk of infection.

Hot Tub Close Up

Watch the Alcohol

While the idea of relaxing in the hot tub while sipping a glass of wine or cold beer might sound fantastic, it’s important to know that hot water can amplify the effects of alcohol. The same can be true for some prescription drugs. To be on the safe side, check with your doctor about any prescription drugs you’re taking, and consider trading the wine and beer for juice and sparkling water.

Bring a Buddy

Share a hot tub with someone else! You can ensure each other’s safety and enjoy the experience even more.

PLEASE NOTE: The safety tips listed above are provided as a tool to help you, your family, and guests enjoy a safe water environment. They are not intended as an exclusive reference for those using a residential swimming area or as a substitute for professional advice. Please refer to a qualified pool expert regarding proper safety installation and operation of your pool or hot tub as well as safety measures and equipment.