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3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pool Pump Motor This Year

As costs rise, many people find they are sticking to staycations more, which means higher home pool appreciation! However, from ongoing maintenance, electrical consumption and hiring pool services, these pool owners realize that owning a pool does not come cheap. One perfect way to save money on pool ownership is by upgrading your pool motor to a variable speed motor. Here are three reasons to upgrade to a variable speed pool pump motor.

  1. Variable Speed Pool Pump Motors Are the Quieter Option - A noisy pool pump can really bring your swim time down. A variable speed is much quieter than a single-speed pump motor. At times of low load, when the motor only requires a slower speed, it is so quiet you can hardly tell it is working. When a higher load is required, the noise levels still tend to be less than standard pool pump motors.
  2. Variable Speed Pool Pump Motors Save Pool Chemicals - Variable speed pool pump motors can save your system chemicals through the slower flow times. In addition to keeping the pool properly circulated leading to less algae buildup, the slower speeds lead to a lower turnover rate. This means less of your pricey pool chemicals leave your water!
  3. Variable Speed Pool Pump Motors Boost Energy Efficiency - Did you know in-ground residential pools in the United States consume around $1.5 billion in energy costs per year? This means pool pumps are one of the biggest energy users in a home. Single-speed pool pump motors typically run at higher speeds around the clock, over circulating the water and wasting precious (and expensive) energy. Variable speed pool pump motors allow users to program their motor to the settings that best match their pool environment. You can adjust for water features in your pool or adapt to usage times. A variable speed pool pump motor can circulate water at the minimum turnover rate for water quality at lower speeds. This can reduce the energy needed by up to 80%!

Are you ready to make the switch to an energy saving variable speed motor? Find the location of a Century Motors partner today to see what it will take to get your backyard pool ready for the summer!