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Here's How Automation Can Amp Up Your Pool Ownership Experience

Today's homeowners expect automation to make their lives easier - from adjusting the home thermostat to closing the garage door and cleaning with robotic vacuum cleaners, home automation devices are now the norm.

It's only natural that this trend is taking hold in the pool realm, with pool owners looking for ways to make it easier and more efficient to maintain their pools and spas.

Here are four tips for using automation to help take your pool to the next level.

1. Stress less with advanced pool automation technology.

It's called the “brain of the pool” for a reason. With an advanced pool automation system like the IntelliCenter® Pool Control System, connecting pool equipment like colored lights, water features, and more is easy. Pool automation allows you to effortlessly set automation schedules, monitor pool and spa status, and check water chemistry.

“When the IntelliCenter System came out, it was much more user-friendly than the EasyTouch® System we used,” said Alex Karol of Lehigh Valley Aqua Pools in Northampton, Pennsylvania. “It was like going from a flip phone to a smartphone with a touchscreen and having everything at your fingertips.”

Because the system interfaces with mobile devices, it also offers pool owners convenient remote control from anywhere with the Pentair Home app.

2. Ultimate peace of mind so you can kick back and relax.

Pentair's solutions offer a virtually hands-off, connected automation experience for homeowners with pools of nearly any shape or size. And with the IntelliCenter system, you can now control water features, monitor water chemistry, spot-clean the spa, and more - all from the comfort of your home using the highly rated Pentair Home app.

In the Pentair Home app, pool owners can access an easy-to-use dashboard on their smart device and receive alerts sent directly to their phones for peace of mind anytime, anywhere, so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

3. Save the frustration and opt for an effortless pool experience.

Whether tackling regular maintenance or something more complex, your trusted neighborhood pool pro can quickly troubleshoot problems, resolve issues, and get out of the backyard faster using an intuitive touchscreen.

The days of impromptu fixes to the pool equipment pad are nearly over. Using Remote Monitoring, pool professionals can remotely monitor your pool and connect to equipment via the IntelliCenter Pool Control System.

“If we see something that might be malfunctioning, we can address it early before it becomes a very large investment for the customer,” said Craig Horning of Infinity Pools & Spas in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

4. Upgrade to the latest and greatest in automation

Pool owners with older pool automation systems can take advantage of the IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit for IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Pool Control Systems to easily upgrade older systems. With an Upgrade Kit, you get all the benefits of the latest automation technology, plus an intuitive touchscreen display that effectively shows functions in both day and nighttime modes. The Pentair Find a Dealer tool can help you find a pro near you to coordinate your upgrade.

With an Upgrade Kit, it's easy to continue adding upgrades to your pool equipment pad as your backyard oasis grows!

Learn more about how IntelliCenter makes pool automation easier at