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An Epic Clean Starts with an EPIC Cleaner

New Polaris® line of EPIC™ robotic cleaners introduce innovative technologies for advanced maneuverability and debris removal

Polaris Epic Bundle

It's an epic time to own a swimming pool. With so many homeowners investing in their backyards by renovating or building pools to enjoy this coming summer — they'll need an EPIC cleaner to keep those pools pristine…

The NEW Polaris EPIC series of robotic pool cleaners are up to that task. Engineered for enhanced maneuverability and superior debris collection, the EPIC™8642 iQ, EPIC™ 8640 and EPIC™ 8520 offer advanced robotic cleaning solutions to suit the needs of customers with varying demands.

Featuring new technologies that yield superior cleaning results, the Polaris EPIC cleaners provide greater agility with a new rear flow outlet that helps propel the cleaner up inclines and over obstacles, and introduce a dual-traction motor that enables brushes to rotate independently — providing exceptional maneuverability with a tighter turn radius. These cleaners also incorporate a Track Wheel design constructed of a continuous treaded wheelbase that increases the surface area resulting in better traction — making it ideal for climbing walls, stairs and other obstacles (like the main drain) while creating a strong area of suction beneath the cleaner.

Additionally, all three EPIC cleaners come with a new patent-pending Double Helix brush — a split-brush composed of strategically staggered rubber blades that gently agitate stuck-on dirt and draw debris in, channeling it towards the large inlet for more effective cleaning. While the EPIC 8520 has only a front brush, both the EPIC 8642 iQ and EPIC 8640 have an additional Double Helix brush at the rear for even more thorough cleaning.

Further differentiating the three, both the EPIC 8642 iQ and EPIC 8640 are equipped with a Tangle-Reducing Swivel that helps to ensure uninterrupted operation and complete surface coverage by preventing cord entanglements and both include a transportation caddy. And, as the top-of-the-line EPIC model, the EPIC 8642 iQ offers “on-the-go” convenience with WiFi connectivity that gives users access anytime, anywhere with the iAquaLink® app. Using a smartphone or mobile device, users can Start/Stop a cleaning cycle, view the cycle timer, choose a cleaning mode, initiate the lift system, and receive troubleshooting — all from the palm of their hand.

For powerful cleaning and easy operation, the EPIC cleaners all come standard with Cyclonic Vacuum technology, a large filter canister with a transparent lid and Polaris' proprietary Easy Lift Removal System that brings the cleaner up to the waterline with the touch of a button and rapidly evacuates water for lightweight removal and transport.

The Polaris EPIC series of robotic cleaners provides tremendous value while offering advanced technologies and innovative design elements. By offering a range of products with varying features, users can choose the best product to suit their pool cleaning needs and have confidence that they are getting a great product backed by the Polaris brand.

The Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ, EPIC 8640 and EPIC 8520 robotic cleaners are a part of Fluidra's Trade Series Exclusive lineup of products; made exclusively for brick-and-mortar dealers and not available for Internet resale. Pool professionals are encouraged to contact their local Fluidra representative for information on the Polaris EPIC cleaners.

For more information on the Polaris EPIC line of robotic cleaners, visit or contact your local Fluidra representative.