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Clean Before You Close Your Pool with Dolphin Advanced Filtration Systems

Picture this: it's the first warm day of spring, and you excitedly head to your pool, anticipating the refreshing plunge you've been dreaming of all winter. But as you remove the pool cover, you see it: a murky, greenish mess of grime and sludge. It's the dreaded aftermath of neglecting your pool before closing it last season.

The solution is simple. Invest in proper pool care and utilize Dolphin pool cleaners to ensure hassle-free swimming year after year.

Cleaning your pool before closing is vital to prevent aquatic growth and surface buildup during the off-season. Chemical treatments alone can't always combat the hidden biofilm layer that can develop on pool surfaces and filtration systems. This is where our Dolphin LIBERTY line and M400/M600 models shine, saving you hours of manual brushing.

The Dolphin M400 boasts a dual-cartridge filter system, employing four panels in total - two fine and two pleated ultra-fine. These filters efficiently capture both large debris and minuscule particles, which contribute to biofilm and other growth. The active scrubbing brush agitates these particles, while the ultra-fine filter removes them. We recommend running the M400 twice, first with fine filters and then ultra-fine, adding your chemicals between cycles.

The Dolphin M600 offers the same thorough cleaning in one cycle with its basket-style filter, featuring two ultra fine and two fine filter panels. With standard chemical application and the M600's cleaning, you can achieve results equivalent to two M400 cycles.

Our LIBERTY 200 and 300 models provide cordless convenience and interchangeable top-load filter baskets, accommodating various debris sizes. Equipped with active scrubbing brushes and smart navigation, they ensure pristine cleans every time.

Prepare your pool for the off-season with confidence, and embrace a season of carefree enjoyment. Your future self will thank you!

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