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Dolphin Cordless and Corded Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners: A Splash into Hassle-Free Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool can be enjoyable and rewarding, but it can also be challenging when it comes to pool maintenance. After all, who wants to spend time cleaning a pool every week? Fortunately, the technology of robotic pool cleaners has evolved in recent years, and pool owners now have remarkable choices when it comes to automatic pool cleaners.

Let’s discuss the incredible Dolphin line of pool cleaners to help you decide the best option for cleaning your pool. Ready to dive in?

Discover the Maytronics Dolphin

Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaners have been effortlessly cleaning the world’s pools for over 35 years with reliable and sustainable products that make pool care hassle-free.

Announcing the New Cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™

With the release of the new cordless Liberty line, Maytronics has revolutionized pool cleaning once again. The LIBERTY™ models are cordless and include some of the richest features in the industry. The cordless design offers tangle-free movement and Magnetic-Connect, a simple non-corrosive inductive charging method that gives pool owners a super easy magnetic connection for walk-away charging. The powerful lithium-ion battery gives pool owners 90 minutes of reliable cleaning for a stunningly clean pool. Dirt can’t escape the active scrubbing brush technology and remarkable wall climbing ability. The LIBERTY line is ideal for above and in-ground pools up to 33 FT in length.

The absence of a power cord also means that Dolphin LIBERTY™ cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaners are safer and easier to use. Pool owners don't have to worry about tripping hazards or the hassle of managing cords during cleaning sessions.

Dolphin Corded Pool Cleaners

While Dolphin cordless models offer convenience, the corded robotic pool vacuum cleaner line has a tremendous set of advantages. Like the LIBERTY™, many Dolphin corded models, such as the best-selling Nautilus CC Plus and the Explorer line, are equipped with tangle-free cables for dependable robot agility, thanks to our innovative swivel technology. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning efficiency with groundbreaking CleverClean™ Smart Navigation technology that scans your pool surface, ensuring optimal cleaning and complete coverage.

Many models include both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for convenient robot operation from anywhere. The MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app makes it even easier to schedule your pool cleanings and have complete control of your robot. Plus, you’ll get a thorough clean regardless of cycle duration because of the constant power.

Best of Both Worlds!

Dolphin cordless and corded robotic pool vacuum cleaners offer unmatched convenience and effectiveness in maintaining a brilliantly clean pool. Whether you want cordless mobility or robust cleaning power, the intelligent Dolphin line has you covered.

What’s the right Dolphin for your pool? Fortunately, you have many choices with both the Dolphin cordless and corded pool cleaners, and you can take our Help Me Choose survey or visit a local retailer to find the right model for your pool.