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Opening Your Pool: Enhanced Efficiency with Dolphin Models

As spring unfolds and pool season approaches, that dreaded task looms ahead: opening your pool. If you closed well last season, using Dolphin advanced filtration system and other best practices, you've already saved yourself a lot of work.

Remember, as the weather warms and your dreams become filled with images of lounging around in the sun, opening your pool efficiently requires more than just a robotic cleaner.

You should start by removing the pool cover and cleaning any debris. For safety, inspect your pool and perform any necessary repairs. Then adjust the water level and balance the chemicals. These steps are crucial and cannot be handled by a robotic cleaner.

Once the basics are in place, a Dolphin pool cleaner comes into play.

The Dolphin M400, designed with a dual-cartridge filter system, capturing both large and fine particles, is perfect for opening your pool. We recommend running it twice for optimal cleanliness, using fine filters initially, followed by ultra-fine ones, interspersing with chemical treatments.

Alternatively, the Dolphin M600 simplifies this process, offering the same thorough clean in a single cycle with its efficient basket-style filter. This model is equivalent to two M400 cycles, blending deep cleaning with chemical dispersion.

For those preferring cordless ease, the LIBERTY 200 and LIBERTY 300 models are outstanding, featuring interchangeable filters and advanced navigation for a consistently pristine pool.

When it comes to opening for the season, while initial steps require manual intervention, Dolphin cleaners play a critical role in maintaining your pool's cleanliness, ensuring a hassle-free swimming season.