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Four ProTeam Steps to Make Pool Care Easier, Save Cost and Improve Pool Water Quality

Want perfectly beautiful and balanced pool water without the hassle? With ProTeam® chemicals, you can follow an easy weekly routine. With just a few minutes per day you can keep your pool pure and sparkling.

ProTeam Supreme, Pool Sanitizer

Step 1: Add ProTeam Supreme

First thing to do is add ProTeam Supreme.

ProTeam Supreme stops algae growth, make sanitizers last longer and makes water balance easier. This product will help reduce eye and skin irritation, making water feel softer and appear even more crisp and clear. ProTeam Supreme improves sanitizer efficient by 35 to 50 percent, in other words, using ProTeam Supreme will help you save chlorine!

Step 2: Sanitize Daily using High Tech Tabs

To keep pool water clean and clear, use ProTeam High Tech Tabs.

Advance borate technology produces higher chlorine efficiency, which in turn reduces pool operating cost, offering enhanced swimmer comfort. ProTeam High Tech Tabs’s unique manufacturing process eliminates the need for gum and binders. Continued use will help clean feeders that have been gummed up by lower quality tabs. High Tech Tabs soften water, while maintaining correct sanitizer levels allowing you to use less product overall.

ProTeam High Tech Tabs, Pool Water Cleaning
Multi Magic Shock Extra, Pool Algaecide

Step 3: Shock Weekly using Multi Magic Shock Extra

Multi Magic Shock Extra is a shock, algaecide and stabilizer wrapped into one fast dissolving product. The water buffers help maintain pH levels and remove organic contaminants, producing sparkling pool water and reducing overall chlorine introduction.

Step 4: Clear pool weekly with Microfloc Clarifier

ProTeam’s Microfloc Clarifier is a non-metallic, non-staining and non-foaming unique clarifying formula that is not affected by shock treatments or high chlorine levels. It surrounds and coagulates microscopic particles as small as two microns, allowing filter media to better remove them from the water. It also helps to remove all free-floating matter through filtration, maintaining sparkling blue water. Mirofloc Clarifier is pH neutral and compatible with all sanitizing systems, pool surfaces and filter types.

ProTeam’s Microfloc Clarifier, Pool Shock Treatment

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