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AquaRite® S3 Salt Chlorination with Built-In Pool Control

The latest innovation from the #1 brand in salt water pools, Hayward’s AquaRite S3 is the right option for salt chlorination with built-in pool control. Its integrated LCD screen controls chlorine levels, a heater and a pump for simple, seamless chlorination that makes pool management easier too.

Backyard Inground Swimming Pool

Why Choose Salt?

Salt chlorination is an alternative to traditional chlorine that’s simple, convenient and just as effective. But best of all is that it produces luxurious, silky-smooth water that won’t irritate eyes, dry out skin or fade fabrics.

By converting salt into a virtually endless supply of chlorine, the AquaRite S3 Salt Chlorination System can save you the hassle of lugging around heavy liquid jugs or chalky tablets. And with the supply of traditional chlorine options becoming increasingly unpredictable, there’s never been a better time to choose a salt system for your pool.

And for anyone who might still be concerned that salt water will taste more like the ocean than a freshwater pool, AquaRite produces only about as much salination as a human tear.

Hayward AquaRite S3 Salt Chlorination System

Easy Control & Expansion

Right out of the box, AquaRite S3 offers control of chlorine levels, along with easy management of a pump and heater, plus a TurboCell® S3 Salt Cell, which is clear for easier inspection. Better still, a hassle-free upgrade kit lets you add Omni®—Hayward’s elite pool automation platform— for advanced control over popular pool elements like water features, lights, cleaners and more, without needing to replace the unit.

For total pool control from the start, AquaRite S3 Omni is an easy choice for salt chlorination. And it’s all accessible with the external display, through the mobile app or voice-enabled devices like Google Home® and Amazon® Alexa®.

AquaRite S3 Omni, Hayward Saltwater System

AquaRite S3 is more than superior salt chlorination—it’s advanced sanitization with built-in control.

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