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With OmniPL’s Automation Capability, Powerful Meets Versatile for Unmatched Value

Hayward® believes that every pool owner deserves the luxury of total control, which is why the new OmniPL™ Smart Pool & Spa control system offers intelligent, right-sized control for any pool. As the newest member of Hayward’s advanced Omni® automation family, OmniPL is ready for easy installation into mid-range builds and renovations—delivering versatile control, flexible integration and an unbeatable price tag.

Hayward OmniPL Expert Line | OmniPL™ Smart Pool & Spa Control System

Easy to use and support

OmniPL is expertly engineered to be simple and intuitive for every pool owner to use. It offers comprehensive control from the external control panel, the OmniLogic® mobile app or any compatible Omni remote (including the wireless, wall-mount or spa-side models).

The system can also be controlled through voice-assisted devices, including Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home®, responding instantly to simple voice commands like “Alexa®, turn my pool heater on” or “Hey Google®, set my pool heater to 86 degrees.”

With so many options for streamlined control, OmniPL sets a new standard in pad connectivity, keeping owners more in touch with their pools than ever before. And because OmniPL is designed to offer many of the same high-end capabilities as Hayward’s leading OmniLogic system, it’s nearly effortless for builders to install, program and support, too.

OmniLogic, Hayward’s elite pool control platform, enables cutting-edge automation capabilities across a wide array of pool equipment, bringing backyard automation to the forefront of pool technology. Because OmniPL is powered by the OmniLogic ecosystem, it delivers all the same platform benefits—intuitive control, the top-rated OmniLogic mobile app, modular expandability and more.

Built to grow

Beyond its comprehensive list of control options, where OmniPL really shines is in its future-proofed flexibility. After all, Hayward knows that a “smart” device that limits you with your current automation really isn’t that smart at all.

Hayward Pool Products | Hayward OmniPL Smart Pool & Spa Control | Pool Equipment

Right out of the box, OmniPL is equipped to control two heaters, salt, solar control and up to eight variable-speed pumps. It also features OmniDirect Mode™, which unlocks exclusive color options, dimming, speed control and more when paired with ColorLogic® LED lighting. For pools up to 40,000 gallons, select OmniPL models are even salt-ready for plug-and-play simplicity—seamlessly integrated with a TurboCell® salt cell.

But the automation possibilities don’t end there. It’s easy to scale up OmniPL’s capabilities at any time—allowing you to add up to four additional relays to the built-in four, and letting you control a range of other equipment from one central access point. This unrivaled flexibility and future-proofed versatility are designed to meet a wider array of owner needs, bringing intuitive Omni power to more backyards and pool setups than ever before.

Ready for anything

Fast becoming the go-to solution for pool builders around the country, Hayward’s revamped Omni product line puts smart pool capability within reach for more pool owners—letting them enjoy the flexible control they want at a price that’s more affordable than comparable systems. And with the addition of OmniPL, the most versatile member of the entire Omni family, pool owners and builders alike now have more reasons than ever to choose Hayward’s leading automation equipment.

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Mobile phone is not included with OmniPL.

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