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How Hayward®'s AquaVac® 6 is Bringing Pool Cleaning into the Future

When it comes to pool cleaning, there's two main camps of people: People who struggle poles and skimmers and people who have a robotic cleaner do the work for them. Ask around online and you will find out quickly that pool cleaners are a must-have. They let you enjoy your pool the right way—with as minimal hassle as possible.

And really, there's another group of people: Those who bought a pool cleaner that isn't up to par. For them, a poorly operating pool cleaner can be as frustrating as manual cleaning tools. That's why people shopping for a pool cleaner should pay attention to the modern features that make a pool cleaner great. In this article, we'll talk about Hayward's cutting-edge AquaVac 6 Series that goes above and beyond to create a user-friendly experience only the latest technology can provide.

One of the most common gripes pool owners have with their existing automatic pool cleaner from having to clean out debris, ensuring it doesn't get stuck or lose suction to retrieving and removing it from the pool. Hayward listened and figured out that they could remove the filter altogether.

Hayward is calling it "The Future of Clean" with first-of-its-kind capabilities. Advanced features like mess-free clean up, constant suction, unstoppable navigation, and smartphone control completely transform the pool owners' cleaning experience.

Overall, robotic cleaners have improved pool cleaning as they are plug-and-play which makes for a hassle-free setup, they provide more powerful debris collection, and are more energy-efficient as they don't require an additional pool pump, but with three exclusive state-of-the-art technologies, the AquaVac 6 Series sets a new standard for performance, reliability and user convenience.

Constant Suction and Clean Hands

With its SpinTech™ filterless technology consisting of 18 hydrocyclones, AquaVac 6 Series is the first pool cleaner that provides powerful suction power that doesn't quit. Incorporating the hydrocyclonic technology means it keeps working at full suction, even when the canister is full. And with the elimination of any filters, cartridges or bags to clean, you'll keep your hands clear of the filthy, unwanted debris found in pools. When it's time to empty the debris canister, simply press a quick-release button that allows the canister to empty and rinse itself.

Expertly Navigates Any Pool

To keep the cleaner from getting stuck or twisted, Hayward's HexaDrive™ Adaptive Traction uses a combination of six wheels and six variable-speed driven rollers with a two-drive motor, which gives the cleaner the ability to turn from any angle. HexaDrive grips, climbs and thoroughly scrubs walls, adapting to any pool surface. The variable-speed driven rollers along with technology such as a gyroscope and accelerometer allow this robotic cleaner to navigate any pool like no other without getting stuck on items such as the main drain, pool toys, and ladders.

Effortless Control from Your Smartphone

Both models—AquaVac 600 and AquaVac 650—come with a caddy cart and power supply. The power supply of the AquaVac 650 model is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows it to be controlled via the AquaVac app. The app provides additional features on the AquaVac 650 model; program a seven-day custom cleaning schedule or use it like a remote control to spot-clean specific areas of the pool. The AquaVac 600 features three white LED lights inside, but the AquaVac 650 features three multi-colored lights that can play various light shows for some unexpected entertainment.

The Hayward AquaVac 6 Series Robotic Cleaners are currently available for rebates at For additional information, visit or reach out to your Hayward sales representative.