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Protect Expensive Pool Equipment with the Intermatic PS3000

Everyone is familiar with the wall-outlet surge protectors that are so important to protecting your computers and electronics. In a similar way, all essential electronics should be protected with a surge protector—pool equipment included.

Intermatic PS3000 Surge Protector | Pool Equipment

Part of preparing for the upcoming pool season should be protecting your high-cost pool and spa equipment from the dangers of electrical surge. Without a proven surge protective device in place, homeowners are a blink away from a major inconvenience and hefty financial setback.

Versatile solutions like the Intermatic PS3000 Surge Protective Device (Type 1 and 2 Listed) and Load Center safeguard the entire bundle, including pumps, LED lighting, automation controls, heaters and more, from harmful transients and voltage surges that can destroy modern pool electronics.

Here’s what pool professionals and homeowners can expect by choosing the PS3000:

Quick Installation

An intuitive design allows professionals to install the PS3000 on any pool’s electrical panel or any home’s electrical panel in less than 10 minutes.

Extended Warranty

The PS3000 includes a 3-year, $7,500 connected equipment warranty.

Load Center Option

The PS3000 can be paired with an Intermatic Load Center for added convenience and functionality. Once installed and wired to a dedicated circuit breaker, all connected equipment is protected from harmful transients and voltage surges.

Visible Green LED Indicator

It’s easy to see when you are protected with the PS3000. As long as the green LED indicator is on, you are protected.

It’s simple. A surge protector is inexpensive insurance for your valuable hardware. The peace of mind you’ll have during a thunderstorm is value enough in itself.

If you are unsure if your pool equipment is protected, you can ask your pool service professional to check for one or reach out to your local pool store for more info.