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Experience Complete Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Smartphone technology and automation are revolutionizing industries across the board, from cars, to health care, and even dating, so it’s no wonder that pool automation is becoming the standard for the modern swimming pool.

Automating your pool features means you have complete control over your pool experience--from the lights, to the heater, to the chlorinators and water features, you only need to lift a finger to create the atmosphere you want. And with Jandy’s iAqualink smartphone app, managing your pool is easier than ever whether you’re poolside or on the go.

There’s a reason iAqualink is the highest-rated pool control app. Just look at some of the ways Jandy simplifies pool ownership:

Turn your pool into a light show. With iAqualink, you can toggle through your favorite colors with the touch of a button. Effortlessly change the mood, wow your guests, and never worry about leaving the lights on again!

Pool and spa temperatures. With automation, you can dial-in your pool temperature before you ever step outside. On the way home from the gym? Have your pool waiting for you when you get home.

Save money with an automated schedule. Set up your pool pumps, lights, and heaters to match your schedule and only spend on utilities when it matters.

Control water features. If a light show wasn’t already entertaining enough, orchestrating a symphony of water features and jets is something you’ll look forward to every time you come home to your pool.

iAquaLink 3.0, Pool Automation

Make maintenance and breeze. With iAqualiink, you can automate daily pool equipment functions, such as filtration, sanitation, and cleaning with one-touch macros so you can spend your time on the fun parts of pool ownership.

Make your pool cleaner work for you. Robotic pool cleaners make life easier, but you know what’s even better? Sending your cleaning buddy to work from the seat of your chair.

Ignite the night with fire features. Going out and turning the gas key on your fire features is a thing of the past. With iAqualink, you can enjoy your fire features with ease, even when you want to appreciate the ambiance from inside on a cold day.

More than just the pool. iAqualink does more than just control your pool. You can command your entire backyard experience by synchronizing your landscape lighting.

And that’s just dipping your toe the wide range of functionalities you can control with iAqualink. It’s easy to see why iAqualink is the favorite automation app for pool owners. Not to mention, you can download it for free on both Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

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Ready to try it out? Check out this Pool Automation Simulator to see what it’s like to have complete control: