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Make Your Pool the Envy of the Neighborhood!

Stop for a moment and think of the most luxurious pool you can possibly imagine. Odds are the first thing that came to your mind probably wasn't the salt chlorinator or heater. Instead, you jumped right to the ambiance—the sights, sounds and sensations of a truly memorable pool experience.

Hayward® LED WaterBowls and LED Sheers are premium, automation-ready water features designed to provide major WOW factor. Make your pool look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks.

LED Waterbowls: A Show Stopper

  • 7 composite metal finishes, plus a tempered glass option
  • Choose square or round base shape
  • Effortless transition from day to night

With their gentle spillover effect and flickering interior, Hayward LED WaterBowls can replicate the soft glow of fire to create a warm, inviting centerpiece. Available in two base shapes (square or round) and seven gorgeous finish colors, LED WaterBowls add an instant visual appeal.

Each bowl is sculpted from a durable, UV-resistant material that's also semi-transparent, allowing you to clearly see the effect of each color produced by the advanced Hayward LED lights inside. This also allows the bowls to transition effortlessly from day to night, make a stylish statement.

Available finish colors: Tempered Glass, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gray, Natural, Pewter

Waterbowl colors

LED Sheers: Sheer Perfection

  • Arching waterfall with LED light effect
  • Available in a range of convenient length options from 1' to 8'
  • Features an industry-first lighting design that eliminates light loss

With their elegantly arching waterfall and variable light effects, Hayward LED Sheers create a vibrant cascade of water made to fit just about any space. Available in a range of convenient length options that can be installed on straight, curved or custom wall shapes with ease. Hayward LED Sheers are versatile enough to make each install feel completely custom-designed.

While other lighted sheers often appear dim or faded, especially at wider lengths as the inter-light spacing increases, Hayward LED Sheers feature an industry-exclusive top-access light to eliminate light loss—regardless of length. Whether you choose the 1' sheer, the 8' sheer or any size in between, you'll always get a bright, vibrant cascade of water.

Available sizes: 1', 1.5', 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'

Woman doing yoga by swimming pool

Omni Compatibility: Customize Your Creation

OmniDirect App on Phone

Omni colors and shows can be set to match holidays, party themes, favorite sports teams and more!

OmniDirect Mode™, users unlock 20 color options and 7 light shows including Mardi Gras, Voodoo Lounge, and USA to name a few. Setting the mood has never been easier with features including:

  • Instant navigation to colors or light shows (no more cycling through every option)
  • Dimming capabilities (20% increments)
  • Speed adjustment for light shows

Like most Hayward products, the LED WaterBowls and LED Sheers are compatible with Hayward's industry-leading Omni® automation platform. Not only does this enable remote customization and management via the top-rated OmniLogic® app, but it also allows for intuitive synchronization with other pool equipment to create the ultimate backyard showcase.

Enhances Better

When it comes to taking a backyard pool from ordinary to extraordinary, nothing does the job quite like Hayward LED WaterBowls and LED Sheers. Both products offer the flexibility to create a luxurious space that's truly reflective of your unique taste and style.

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