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Pool Water & Pollen

Hard to believe, but not everyone is excited about the upcoming spring weather and pool season. Allergy sufferers, who have had brief relief from pollen sensitivities, are now dreading the soon to be itchy, watery eyes, runny noses, skin hives and itchy throats.

Backyard Swimming Pool Pollen | Spring Weather & Pool Season

Your swimming pool can also experience a reaction to pollen, just like the allergy sufferer. In fact, pollen can take a massive toll on the overall health of your pool system. During spring, a pool’s surface often becomes layered with a thick, yellowish haze, which results in cloudy water. Simply put, pollen is an organic contaminant that overwhelms the pool sanitizer.

The crystal clear water you once enjoyed can become dull, and chlorine residual can be hard to maintain. The lack of sanitizer often leads to a serious algae bloom which just adds insult to injury. On top of having a difficult time maintaining chlorine, basic water chemistry can also be affected which can take anywhere from a couple days, if not weeks to properly balance. If pollen is especially heavy, filters may have an extreme filter loading, leading to numerous filter cleanings. In such situations, consumers unnecessarily waste both time and money in their attempts to fix the problem. The most efficient solution is a multiple approach; both chemically and physically.

Pollen in Pool, Swimming Pool

If you see the signs of pollen in the pool water, your first step is to actually trap the “intruder.” Pool stores sell nylon sock-type products that can be placed into skimmer baskets, catching pollen before it enters the filter. The more you can physically remove, the less the headaches and costs to treat pollen pollution. On the other hand, you cannot completely remove pollen through filtration, so another step is to use a product designed specifically for removal of pollen.

Pool First Aid can help!

Pool First Aid contains naturally based enzymes that are designed to break down pollen. These broad-spectrum enzymes are especially helpful if the pollen has been in the pool a few days untreated. Enzymes are well suited to deal with pollen as they are designed to specifically target and break it down. Simply add one bottle for up to 33,800 gallons of pool water with the circulation system running and chlorine level at 5ppm or less. Pool First Aid will work faster when the water temperature is 70 degrees or higher, so allow for more time if the water is on the cold side.

In the peak of pollen season, it’s a good idea to step up on your normal maintenance of brushing and vacuuming - a little elbow grease goes a long way! Brushing the water line and inside the skimmer will remove a good amount of pollen that often gets missed. Running the pump for extended periods of time also helps in the overall removal. It’s also ideal to clean your filter often and we recommend using Filter Perfect. This uniquely formulated product cleans filters without harsh acids, making it the ideal choice for DIY homeowners.

Natural Chemistry Clear Cloudy Pool Fast, Pool First Aid

Like all things, pollen season eventually does come to an end

Following these few helpful tips during the brief pollen season will ensure a much happier pool experience.