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Pool Problems? ProTeam has solutions!

What should I use if I have metals in the Water?

Metal Magic effectively removes metals from pool water by crystallizing the metal particles so it can be filtered out by the pool equipment.

Metal Magic will also remove unsightly metal stains and scale deposits from pool surfaces and equipment. And when used on a maintenance schedule, will prevent these issues from reoccurring in your pool.

ProTeam Metal Magic

What should I use if I Can’t get rid of a cloud in my pool?

Superfloc is a highly concentrated clarifier that drops cloud-causing particles down to the bottom of the swimming pool. This allows you to vacuum out the settled particles directly from the bottom of the pool.

ProTeam Superfloc

What if I have a film around the surface of my fiberglass pool?

Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner for removing scale, oily film, and other undesirable things. It can be used on all surface types and leaves a microscopic protective layer after use.

ProTeam Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

How often should I clean my filter?

Every six to eight weeks you should clean your filter using Filter Magic.

Liquid Filter Cleaner does an excellent job in removing oily film, organic buildup, and grime from all filter types and brands.

ProTeam Filter Magic

What should I use if I have a bad case of algae?

Algae in swimming pool water is a concern for anyone who takes care of a pool. Millions of algae spores are carried by the wind daily and in addition, some source water may already have algae present in it. Fortunately, algae in pool water is typically not harmful to pool users. However, water with algae is not very inviting.

Algae types are categorized by color:

GREEN: This algae is the most common algae seen in pool water and is typically the easiest to control and eliminate.

YELLOW/BROWN: This algae has a wispy appearance and is often referred to as mustard algae. Chlorine alone typically does not rid of a pool of yellow algae. Instead, a specialty algaecide must be used for successful removal.

BLACK: Typically appearing as spots, black algae is one of the more difficult algae to remove. A coating forms over the algae to protect it from treatment products. Vigorous brushing of the trouble area must occur to help remove black algae.

ProTeam Solutions

Mustard and Black Magic

For fast treatment of yellow and mustard algae in swimming pools.

Severest Algae Treatment

A concentrated formula for use against severe outbreaks of blue-green, black and mustard algae.

Poly Magic

Not only does this product rid pools of algae, our unique formula contains a special clarifying agent to help clear water fast.

ProTeam Mustard and Black Magic | ProTeam Severest Algae Treatment | ProTeam Poly Magic