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Safety Covers An Investment that Pays You Back

A pool safety cover is a large but worthwhile investment for any pool owner. Although a safety cover will cost more than alternatives, like water bag covers, it can save you money in the long run. Safety covers have some of the greatest cost saving benefits of any feature you can add to your pool.

Tara Liners Safety Pool Cover, Winter Pool Covers

Save Money on Chemicals and Water

Installing a pool safety cover will help save money, right away. When the pool is covered, water evaporation is reduced by 95%. Evaporation is what pulls heat from the pool so there are reduced energy costs. Covering a pool, when it is not in use, is the single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs. According to the department of energy, savings of 50%–70% are possible. Less evaporation also means less chemical loss. When the pool is covered chemical loss is reduced by 35%-60%. Over a short period of time, a safety cover can begin to pay for itself. It’s estimated that in 2 - 5 years of owning a safety cover you will realize a return on your investment.

Winter Swimming Pool Cover

Maintain the Pool Liner and Equipment

A safety cover keeps the weather from taking a toll on your pool. The sun can wreak havoc on the pool’s finish and equipment. It draws plasticizers out of pool liners which can lead to sun-rot. It can cause concrete and tiles to craze and crack. Rubber fittings and gaskets are also vulnerable to UV degradation. When the pool is covered with a safety cover, it is protected from the harmful effects of UV exposure. A pool covered by a safety cover is also protected from damage caused by limbs or other objects that fall in the pool. Water bag covers can protect against the sun but they don’t offer protection against large falling objects. A safety cover creates an impermeable barrier that extends the lifespan of the pool’s finish and equipment.

Backyard Swimming Pool Cover, Pool Safety Cover

Spend Less Time and Money on Cleaning

Opening the pool in the spring is a simple process when you use a safety cover. Using a mesh safety cover will ensure that there are no leaves or other debris to clean out. Because it receives almost no sun exposure, there is little to no algae growth. This will reduce the amount of time and chemicals needed to balance and get it ready to swim. Unlike a water bag cover, safety covers require little to no attention when they are installed. Leaves and debris simply dry up and blow off. Water either drains off or is pumped off so it doesn’t puddle and create a drowning hazard.

Pool Cleaning, Pool Safety Cover | Pool Maintenance

Add to Your Home’s Value

A safety cover adds to the value of your pool and home. A pool that is protected with a safety cover makes the backyard safe for children and pets. You can enjoy spending time in the backyard without fear of accidents. Water bag covers don’t provide that type of assurance, instead they can add risk. Plus, when it’s time to sell the house, a pool protected by a safety cover is far more attractive to potential buyers.

Backyard Pool Taraliners Safety Cover

A safety cover is a necessary piece of pool equipment for any pool owner. It is an investment that can pay dividends. For more valuable information on the benefits of safety covers visit, Tara liners and safety covers.