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The Key to Proper Winterization

By BioLab/NC Brands

Proper winterization or off-season pool care is imperative to protecting a pool from cold weather and preparing the pool for spring opening. There are three main objectives of Winter Pool Care.

  • The first objective is to provide sparkling water upon pool opening. Opening a pool that is clean and clear is the result of a successful winter care program.
  • The second objective is to inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae. Proper winter care chemicals will prevent a buildup of contaminants, helping to keep the water clear and suitable for swimming.
  • The final objective of winter pool care is to protect the pool surface and equipment. Part of winter care is balancing the water. Balanced water will keep pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness in the correct range, reducing scaling and corrosion that can occur during the winter months.

When winterizing a pool, it is imperative to treat and remove all existing problems before closing. Closing a pool with issues will allow problems to get worse over the course of the winter, causing problems during spring opening. Clearing up problems before closing allows the winterizing program to work effectively, and helps you open the pool quickly and easily in the spring.

The Natural Chemistry HasslefreeTM Opening/Closing Kit is the ideal choice for winterizing. The Pool Magic Spring & Fall + PHOSfree reduces the formation of off-season scum lines and cleans and protects the water all winter long. In addition, the METALfree included in the kit will protect the pool from metal staining. These products are a great combination to provide superior protection over the course of the winter.

Adding algaecide to prevent algae growth over the winter is a very effective way to help you open a clear pool in the spring. The SeaKlear Pool Opening & Winterizing Kit combines the enzyme and phosphate removal technology of Free & Klear, the metal and staining protection of Metal Klear, and the winter-long protection against algae found in the SeaKlear 90-Day Algae Prevention and Remover all in one easy to use winterizing kit.

Regardless of which kit you use, it’s imperative to keep an eye on the pool over the winter. In some cases it might be necessary to add additional winterizing chemicals underneath the cover in order to prevent problems. In the spring, when you remove the winter cover, clean it with Natural Chemistry Spray-On Cover Cleaner before you store.

The key to winter care is to not close the pool too early. But when you do close, proper preparation and treatment will make opening in the spring a much easier experience.

Hassle Free Start Up Kit
Natural Chemistry Pool Magic
Natural Chemistry Metal Free
SeaKlear Pool Opening & Winterizing Kit
SeaKlear Metal Klear
Sea Klear 90 Day Algae Prevention and Remover for Pool
Natural Chemistry Spray on cleaner
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