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The New Generation of Robotic Pool Cleaning

In 300 B.C., the first ancient swimming pools established swimming as a recreational activity, and the largest in-ground swimming pool measured 900,000 square feet. While modern swimming pools pale in comparison, pools require a laborious process of maintenance to stay clean. For most pool owners, that process is a dreaded weekly feat. It involves manual scrubbing that can take hours out of family enjoyment time. Enter the new era of robotic pool vacuums.

The technology of robotic pool cleaners has evolved in recent years, and a great example is the new Dolphin LIBERTY™. Maytronic’s Dolphin pool cleaners have been effortlessly cleaning the world’s pools for over 35 years, and the new Dolphin LIBERTY™ offers a cordless design for tangle-free agility, plus Inductive Charging for super easy charging. The “Magnetic-Connect” system allows pool owners to snap it in place and walk away. Dirt can’t escape the active scrubbing brush technology, yet it’s gentle on your pool. The Dolphin LIBERTY’s Eco Mode makes pool cleaning even easier with short but powerful cleaning cycles that keep your pool sparkling clean all week. The cycles include three separate thirty-minute floor cleaning cycles when you need your pool cleaned fast (this is only on LIBERTY™ 300 models). With the innovative CleverClean™ Technology, the Dolphin uses advanced scanning to navigate your pool surfaces for an ultimate clean. It’s the easiest cordless experience on the market, and all you need to do is press start.

In the new generation of robotic pool cleaners, the LIBERTY™ line is the new standard for cordless pool cleaning, empowering pool owners with worry-free maintenance. The Dolphin gets you back to what’s important, pool enjoyment with friends and family.