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Variable Speed Pool Pump Motors: The Quieter Choice

The summertime sounds of water splashing and squeals of delight should not be cut with the heavy hum and whine of a noisy pool pump motor. How can you maintain your backyard tranquility while keeping your swimming pool water balanced and clear of debris? Choose a variable speed pool pump motor for your system. Want to learn more? Read on for our top three reasons why variable speed pool pump motors are the quieter choice.

1. Variable Speed Motors Go With the Flow

Your pool pump usage ebbs and flows during the day as activity, weather, and temperature take their toll. With a traditional single speed motor, your system’s pool pump chugs along at its standard rate. This means that even in times of low load, when your system (and you) could be taking a siesta, the pulsating pitch of your pool pump motor pierces through the peace.

A variable speed motor will go with that flow. You can program a variable speed motor to cut its usage during downtimes, keeping the overall noise level to a minimum and continuing your quietude.

2. Good Vibrations Mean Less Noise

Most motorized equipment gives off some type of vibration and pool pump motors aren’t excluded. It gets noisy when the constant usage of a single-speed motor amplifies any slight system imbalances or resonances over time. A variable speed motor cuts the vibration by working less and moving slower when the load calls for it.

3. Scheduling Saves Sound Waves

What can be more convenient than scheduling your water filtration during the day—and away from times when you’d like it to be a little more quiet around your house. With a variable speed motor, it’s possible. Typically at their busiest, variable speed pool pump motors are still much quieter than single speed motors.

So go on, make waves this summer—just not the sound ones by selecting a variable speed pool pump motor such as our reliable Century® VGreen Evo® for your system today!