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Waterway's featured product selection for January 2023

Waterway’s Power Defender 140 Variable Speed Pool Pump changes from 230V to 115V at the flip of a switch, which provides you with optimal energy savings and there’s no drop in horsepower at either voltage! This D.O.E. and C.E.C. compliant pump lines up with most other OEM pump plumbing and uses Silicon Carbide Viton Shaft Seals that provide for superior wear and chemical resistance. The Power Defender 140 high performance pump is the best choice for your pool!

Waterway’s Crystal Water Cartridge

Waterway’s Crystal Water Cartridge Filter is at the top of the list when considering swimming pool and spa filtration. With it’s 2 ½" Internal plumbing (largest in the industry) minimizes restrictions and improves water. This filter utilizes a four-cartridge design that simplifies element removal and extends time between cleaning cycles. It now has an all new heavy duty manual air relief valve. The Crystal Water filter has a chemical resistant glass fiber reinforced polypropylene tank for exceptional strength and long life along with grade a stainless steel pressure gauge which is rated the best in the industry. For the clearest, most inviting water, choose the Crystal Water Cartridge Filter.

Is your pool water electrically safe? Waterway’s Renegade Bonded Skimmer has been tested, certified and listed by UL requirements and meets the standards in the NEC for bonding pool/spa water. There are models for gunite, fiberglass, vinyl and commercial pools and our bonded skimmers can be used on both residential and commercial swimming pools. It has an industry leading NSF flow rating of 75 GPM. It comes standard with reversible round or square lid, except for commercial grade fiberglass pools. The Renegade Bonded Skimmer; the only shock you’ll receive is the incredible value.

Waterway’s OASIS advanced Pool & Spa Control communicates with Waterway and many major pump & lighting systems!. With its 3.2" digital LCD color screen, it controls most major LED lighting systems. The OASIS allows wi-fi control from any smart phone, tablet or web enabled device & app (free download from Apple and Google Play), as well as the ability to control up to 4 valve actuators & 6 standard relays.

It's simple to install, program & service and has a second interface available for ultimate control flexibility. The OASIS Pool & Spa Control is a better solution for pool & spa operation.