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When It Comes to Efficiency, HeatPro VS Tells You Everything You Need to Know

HeatPro VS Variable-Speed Heat and Cool Heat Pump

Meet the latest innovation in pool heating technology from Hayward: HeatPro VS. Or, more accurately, “HeatPro VS Variable-Speed Heat and Cool Heat Pump.”

The full name is a bit of a mouthful. But every piece of it is important for understanding why HeatPro VS is the industry’s most efficient heat pump* and the best choice for extending the swim season. With that in mind, it’s worth taking a few moments to unpack each part of “Variable-Speed Heat and Cool Heat Pump” individually.

1. Heat Pump

The value of a heat pump is easiest to understand in comparison to a gas/propane heater, the other main type of heat source for pools.

Gas/Propane Heater

A gas/propane heater creates heat by burning fuel to warm a heat exchanger. As water flows over it, heat is transferred to the water.

A heat pump, by contrast, creates heat by moving heat from the surrounding air into the water. Using an evaporator coil, ambient air heats a refrigerant which is compressed and condensed, creating heat. As water flows over the condenser, heat is transferred to the water.

The big difference between the two heater types is efficiency. Because heat pumps take advantage of heat in the surrounding air, they’re able to put more energy (heat) into the pool than the energy (electricity) they consume—allowing heat pumps to achieve efficiencies well above the 100% mark.

The next sections will outline what makes HeatPro VS particularly efficient, but it being a heat pump means it’s already off to a great start.

2. Heat and Cool

At first glance, the term “Heat and Cool Heat Pump” may seem a bit strange. A heater that cools? But it’s all part of the temperature game. Obviously, a heater works for raising water temperature. But if you want to cool the water, you’re typically stuck using inefficient workarounds like giant bags of ice or evaporative microchillers that waste both money and chemicals. Wouldn’t it be nice if the heater could pull double duty?

That’s exactly what HeatPro VS does—by reversing its heating process to release heat from the water into the air. This makes HeatPro VS a clear choice for regions with warmer weather. But even colder climates have scorching days where the water needs to be cooled. And for the particularly frigid days, it’s also nice to know that HeatPro VS has titanium heat exchangers that won’t buckle in extreme cold.

3. Variable-Speed

Now comes the best part. Variable-speed (VS) technology has become a standard feature in the world of pumps, but it’s still relatively new for heaters. In principle, the technology works the same way—the only real difference is that “speed” here corresponds to heating capacity rather than flow rate.

Most gas/propane heaters have only two settings: HIGH and OFF. Maintaining any consistent temperature requires an inefficient process of toggling between the two states. VS heaters, by contrast, have multiple heat settings that allow for more precise control. The temperature stays steady, saving significant amounts of energy and creating a much more comfortable swim in the process.

And it’s here that HeatPro VS really shines. When its VS capability is combined with all the “Heat and Cool” and “Heat Pump” benefits, the result is energy savings of up to 50% compared to single-speed heat pumps—delivering quiet, reliable heat at any temperature. It’s even the first heat pump of its kind to be certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) for performance.

Beyond efficient

In the end, remembering all the component parts of HeatPro VS’s somewhat cumbersome name isn’t particularly important (and really, the name doesn’t even cover other great features like its user-friendly screen interface, but that’s for another article).

What’s important is this: all those parts come together to make the HeatPro VS Variable-Speed Heat and Cool Heat Pump the industry’s most efficient heat pump*. It’s jam-packed with an array of energysaving features, so it’s an ideal choice for a wide variety of pools.

And when you think about it, maybe a lengthy title is the most fitting way to name a product with so much to offer.

HeatPro VS Variable Speed

*Based on published COP among leading competitive vertical discharge heat pumps.

**When sold by a Totally Hayward® partner. Exclusions, other terms and conditions may apply — visit for details.

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