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ZODIAC® Blogs: Knowledge from One of the Industry’s Top Brands

As a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and swimming pool accessories, it makes sense that ZODIAC® has some wisdom to impart. Here are three great blogs that help you enjoy your pool, keep it clean, and lower costs:

9 Fun Pool Floats for Summer

If you think we missed the mark with our Best Pool Floats blog, check out the top nine inflatable pool floats according to Zodiac. The list includes pool floats that look like food, mermaids, and spaceships, but one of the most unique inflatables is plucked right out of a painting from the 15th century.

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What is the Best Automatic Pool Cleaner for You?

Who knows more about automatic pool cleaners than the company that makes them? Zodiac produces top-of-the-line pressure cleaners, suction cleaners, and robotic cleaners, including state of the art pool cleaning system by Polaris®. In this blog, you’ll learn the difference between each option and what features to look for to meet your needs.

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We’ve Got You Covered: The Top 9 Reasons You Should Install a Pool Cover

Pool covers aren’t just for keeping debris out of your pool! They offer several benefits that you may have never considered, many of which save you money. In this article, Zodiac outlines nine of the best reasons to install a pool cover and then takes it a step further by examining the different types of pool covers.

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